Thursday, November 27, 2014

Do Not Miss: November 2014

This month was filled with Monte San Savino goodness. But that wasn't the only thing happening all around. Check out the Do Not Miss November 2014:


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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Monte San Savino 2014 Miniatures

Let's continue with some more photos of Monte San Savino. In the last post I showed you photos of the winners of the "Best of" awards. Now I will share with you photos of the rest of the pieces that could be seen over the weekend.

Since I made more than 200 photos, roaming the exhibition for around 2 hours to make them all, the post could turn out to be a little heavy. For this reason, I created an album on Volomir's Facebook to put them all there.

There were hundreds and hundreds of entries this year, and I believe that the place is going to be small if they follow this rhythm of participation increase. Even with the Stresa World Expo happening earlier this year! I could take some pictures of the Master Fantasy category, this year divided in three categories: Master Painting (any size), Master Ambient (scenes, dioramas and so on) and Master Open (sculptures and full scratch). I also took some photos of other categories, a little bit of historical and miscellaneous, which you will find in the end.

Monte San Savino 2014 Miniatures

I hope you enjoy them!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Monte San Savino 2014 Bests

The contest of Monte San Savino 2014 was celebrated today. Once again, a wonderful orgy of great marvels with a huge level, extraordinary participation and tons of artworks to remember.

I will write more than just this post about this year's experience of course, but let's tackle first what you guys are probably most waiting for. Photos of the winner miniatures!

In Monte San Savino, because the level is so high, and since the format is Open, there are many many prizes. The participation is huge and the level cannot be compared to any other annual contest (in the Fantasy section at least). For this reason, there are many medals in each category, and it is not rare to see 6-8 golds in the same category (the number of silver and bronze medals per category could very well go over a dozen). In addition to this, there are different "Best of" awards. We find the Best of Fantasy and Best of Historical, which is more or less common to other contests, and also the Best of Painter and Best of Sculpting.

Let's see the Bests of Monte San Savino 2014 (with my photos which of course could be much better, I'm sure there will be better ones when their owners take better pics):

Best of Fantasy: Jose Manuel Palomares Núñez / Joaquín Palacios

This tandem of spanish masters take the award for best piece of Fantasy with a completely scratch built diorama modelled by Joaquín and painted by Jose. It's based on the illustrations by Paul Bonner. Impressive, absolutely astonishing work in sculpture and the paintjob as usual is exceptional, especially the textures of the furs, being as it is a huge piece (75mm figures).

Best of Historical: Pepa Saavedra

Pepa is more than very well known for her mastery in painting busts. In Monte San Savino, the spanish painter presented a genius display of busts which took the trophy as best of Historical.

Best of Painter: Martin Goumaz

The display of Martin Goumaz was simply breathtaking. The swiss, who we got to know a little better when he won the italian Slayersword last year, entered the competition with many miniatures, and one of them, my personal favourite of the whole contest, is a conversion of the Jack in the Plucker inspired in yet another of Brom's illustrations with a colour contrast which is out of this world. For all of this Martin took the Best of Painter.

Best of Sculpting: Steve Party

Steve is regular of the Best of Sculpting award. Repeats the trophy he already won last year as best sculptor with this year's pieces, as usual, little marvels made out of putty.

Best of Show: Diego Esteban

And finally, the most important award of the event went to our good old friend and master Diego Esteban. Presented a very especial conversion of Jack in the Plucker, representing the dream of a baby, one of the most original pieces of the contest. The moment in the ceremony was very emotional because Diego took the award in tears, conscious of the importance of the award. Congratulations Diego!!!!!

I will post the rest of the photos of miniatures that I have very soon (more than 200 photos that I managed to take). I will upload them to Volomir's Facebook as soon as I return to Madrid!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Monte San Savino 2014 this weekend

It's that time of the year again. It's Monte San Savino time!

The arch-famous contest of the little village in the Tuscany is going to be celebrated this weekend. And I can't wait to see what wonders are waiting for us there!

I had a blast last year. I felt the poisonous embrace of idromele, asphixiated under mountains of delicious pasta and came back to life to the scent of fresh roasted porchetta. To those who are coming, I will definitely see you all there, and those who don't... well, we will tell you all about it when we return! ;)

Meet your painting heroes and embarass them!

Oh, and there's also miniatures there! I nearly forgot. Yeah, I have a painting demo programmed for Saturday at 17.30. I have been invited by the organization! Such a great honour. :)

Only part of last year attendees are in this photo...