Thursday, May 5, 2016

We moved to!

If you have been paying attention to the facebook page, you know already that "Volomir's Blog" is now history and is turning into a broader website. Let me introduce you to! wants to be a new website concept, much more ambitious for the miniature painting and sculpting world. We want to be a new voice for miniatures, stronger and braver, that takes our community further, to reach more people and above all, spread the love for our art. We want to concentrate on the painting and sculpting community, in the news from our companies, the work of the professionals, news, events, opinions and entertainment, and of course, tutorials. We want to publicize, spread and dignify. A big speaker so that the miniature world broadens its frontiers!

You may be wondering, what about all the material that was published here? Galleries, articles, tutoriales? Don't worry! Everything will be migrated when the time is right, to the new website.

From now on, this old Blogger website will stop having new posts and slowly will be dismantled so that everything worth keeping appears in the new

You'll see that soon the feed of the blog will stop pointing here and the content is transferred to the new site.

Update your bookmarks! See you in!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Do Not Miss: March 2016

Did I say the list was growing bigger and bigger every month? It seems like at this rate, I will need a new site to be able to cover everything... ;)


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Events and reports

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

8 reasons not to miss Leganés 2016 this weekend

Here are 8 reasons this year that I can quickly think of to encourage you not to miss Leganés 2016 this weekend (and I can think of many more!)

  1. It's the best modeling contest you will find nowadays in Madrid.
  2. The commercial area has stands from the best spanish companies and many will present their new releases (which you will be able to get before anyone else) this exact weekend.
  3. Because the contest is huge and has some of the best judges you can find in Spain.
  4. Because there will be beers. And then you'll cry because you missed them!
  5. Do you remember that modeling tool that you are missing and can't find anywhere? I'm sure you will find it in some stand in the commercial area.
  6. Because there's painting and sculpting demos from some of the best artists of the country.
  7. Because this year the special theme will be the USA, and we know how much you love it ;)
  8. And specially, because this year we are collaborating with the organization, and as part of that collaboration, we will be recording our podcast The Big Three live in the event!

Join us this weekend in Leganés and be part of the show!

Need more reasons?

See you this weekend... in Leganés!

Also, don't forget that if you are far from Madrid, you can also visit Montreux or La Condotta this weekend... so there's plenty of options for you!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Do Not Miss: February 2016

The Do Not Miss list is growing bigger and bigger every month. So many things happening in the world of miniatures I can't keep up! Let's see if I can make some time to tell you all about the news around this blog... ;)


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