Thursday, May 29, 2014

Do Not Miss: May 2014

This month I was caught up in a spyral of traveling and work, but the internet and the modeling never stops. Check the coolest things I saw this month:

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of the Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter

To make up for the mistake on Monday, today I bring EXCLUSIVE images from the Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter, to be released officially on Friday May 30 at 21h CET.

I have been able to check the draft of the Kickstarter campaign, and I tell you, it's absolutely mindblowing. Some of the best miniatures in the market, cool factions, sci-fi goodness. Oh my god, I just can't wait!

My privileged position allows me to prepare my pledge before Friday (I will not miss the early bird, by all means!!!). But to all my dear readers of the blog, I share with you the EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of the pledge which I will most probably go for on Friday at 21h. I present you, the "ELITE" PLEDGE!

Let's go deeper into what this glorius piece of sweet product of creation brings inside...

So that's the whole Fallen Frontiers boxed set with both Riff and Ares factions, plus 2 more factions (could be the other two, Sayx and Harvester? Or maybe extra of the other two if we prefer? Or maybe of future factions still unknown to us? Damn I can't wait!), plus 2 boosters which are basically elite units (wait til you see them... here's my mouth watering right now!!)... plus extra scenery for the game (I've already seen some of it, and god it looks cool) and all that is 140 pounds only for early birds. SIGN ME IN!!!

Rumour is that there is an even better pledge for true "COMMANDERS"... with more miniatures than the elite one, vehicles, more scenery...

Ooops! I can't say anything more about it, we'll have to wait until Friday!

Oh... and believe me when I say that your mind will EXPLODE when you see the STRETCH GOALS they have prepared... :O


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fallen Frontiers kickstarter: Friday 9pm CET - FOR REAL!

Ok, this time I'm not mistaken! ;) No jokes, contrasted and confirmed!

I have official confirmation that Fallen Frontiers kickstarter will be out on Friday at 21h CET. A project that I have followed very closely since its creation many many months ago and that I have already talked about since I have very good friends working to make it happen.

So, even though I failed yesterday because I put the post too early, this time it's for real. It's still not announced on their facebook page, but it will be in the next few hours. Expect really cool early bird deals... but be fast, because one of them will be mine, and I will not share! hahaha

Painting course in Almería - June 7 and 8 (in Spanish)

Yesterday, for a few minutes I said that Fallen Frontiers was coming out, I was deceived by my impatience!

I corrected the mistake pretty fast, but the error was out there. I have a big mouth! :D This happens even to the best families!

But no, they are still waiting for the approval of KS, so we will have to wait until the guys in the platform decide to press the OK button. And until that moment arrives, I will tell you that on june 7 and 8 we are going to celebrate a course in Almería, with the typical format I did in the past, which is, two days straight and an intensive set of topics to discuss.

The course is in Spanish but I have been told that some non-spanish speakers may also want to join, so here I leave the information. If you need more details, contact me!

And for those who want courses, remember that I have a site in the blog for these. Sadly it is still not in English but I will do that work very soon, don't worry. I will keep you informed!

Monday, May 26, 2014

This week, finally, Fallen Frontiers!

EDITED: Sorry, my fault, I said TODAY because finally they still do not have the KS approval. But it's a matter of hours. I CAN'T WAIT ANY MORE!!!!

The beginning of this week brings us a couple of announcements which are pretty interesting.

First one is that definitely this week, if divine elements do not prevent it, the Fallen Frontiers kickstarter will see the light of day. A project that I have followed very closely since its creation many many months ago and that I have already talked about since I have very good friends working to make it happen.

And I am so involved that when the moment of need came because of the huge workload they would have to deal with, I helped by painted the first of the Riff that was revealed as teaser of the kickstarter campaign. It's this one that I present to you now:

I'm sure many of you had already seen it in the Facebook page of Fallen Frontiers. Yes, they didn't mention me (they will have to be punished for that haha) but I am responsible for the brushwork. I have to say it was an authentic pleasure to paint it because the sculpture is incredible and the volumes are so good that it's one of those miniatures that you paint and finish without even realizing. And this is not just me speaking! It really was so easy and cool to paint that I can't wait to have more Fallen Frontiers minis to paint on my table!

So I will be very much connected this week to the campaign, I have been told by a "little birdie" that the early birds will enjoy lots of interesting deals. And one of them has to be me!!

The other announcement, tomorrow! ;)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A quick trip to Warsaw!

Tomorrow I'm travelling to Poland! Not at all miniature related this time, but I think it is a great opportunity to meet some of my Polish painter friends while I'm there!

I will be in Warsaw Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and will leave on Saturday morning (I want to be in Madrid to witness the legendary Real Madrid vs Atlético de Madrid in my beloved hometown).

So if you happen to be around Warsaw and want to meet a fellow painter who loves to see the world, please let me know!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Spending the week in London

Hello everyone!

I'm currently in London where I'm spending a few days before I head up to Cambridge for a new edition of The Weekend Workshop, hosted by my good friend John Harrison.

It's going to be a very interesting weekend, I'm sure. I will tell you all about it when I return!

I leave you guys with a few pics of my last Weekend Workshop in Liverpool last year. It was awesome!

Let's see if Cambridge lives up to our expectations!

Stay tuned!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday teaser of... Fallen Frontiers!

At last!!!

I am so excited to see this finally coming out. This huge project is absolutely amazing, and I can say this first hand because I know many of the people involved in its development. I had the chance to sneak peek some of the things they are preparing, and I tell you: it's mindblowing! It is still a little early but the kickstarter is coming out very soon and I just can't wait for everything to be revealed!

Learn all about Fallen Frontiers on their facebook page, website, and of course, in kickstarter in a few days!

Stay tuned! (CAN'T WAIT!!!)