Monday, June 8, 2009

Spanish GD 2009 Award List and Videos

Games Workshop Spain is doing its homework and just a week after the event they have already uploaded photos and names of the winners. Here's the page:

I have also managed to upload all the videos we made of our weekend, you can watch them here:

Consume with moderation :P

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Golden Demon Spain 2009

Well, Sunday finally arrived and we enjoyed the Spanish Golden Demon 2009 (or Madrid's Golden Demon as the statues mentioned in their plaques) and the truth is that there is much to discuss.

Regarding the event itself, the Games Day, let's say that well, I usually do not usually investigate a lot about what takes place at the gaming tables and demonstrations, but I can say it has lost much interest, the place is much smaller than before, the fact that the event is held in a sports gives an aspect of "homemade" that is very demotivating. But anyway, clubs encourage the party and they have brought very big and interesting dioramas. In general, the games day was quite weak.

The Golden Demon for me was a big surprise in terms of participation and level. I think the level has risen a lot in general, maybe you do not see megafigures that you knew in the past they were going to be a sword, and the demon hunting in categories is now very complicated judging to what we have seen this year. I will first discuss what I felt was the worse thing about the contest, without doubt the decisions of judges. Always with the same, that if the judges here, that if the judges there. I understand that verdicts are not questionable because they are bound to subjective criteria, but in this GD I have personally seen things that have left me very crazy. But very crazy! In my case, I guess that I should cry a bit about getting a bronze when my figure could have probably been more, but really knowing that my figure was almost a scratch, I probably have deserved it in the sense that we know what the policy of GW is on this matter. I already knew what I faced when I decided to present it. Anyway, I'm happy because even though it has not been a great reward regarding the work done, I managed to finish it (more or less...) and I'm moving on to the next. Congratulations to Petrus and Ivan for their gold and silver respectively, please do not feel bad at any time for me because the jury is the one who decides and if they consider that this is his first Golden and it is always the most exciting. Well, there is also the issue that my Eowyn wasn't even finalist... at least the version my friend Morsa (Elias Alonso) painted managed a gold and that will make my Éowyn glad and happy to be travelling to Germany to continue knowing world!

As for the rest of the awards, there was a lot of level in general and all those who have been awarded with something should be very happy. True, there have been few judging mistakes, I can assure that, and those who have suffered because of this please know that I support you, karma will reward you! For a moment I thought my friend Morsa was going to return home with nothing and this would have been extremely gore, but ultimately they gave him the gold in LOTR and this left me very relaxed. I am happy for my friend Malaleche, because I know he got a prize and that he has worked hard for it. It's his first and I hope that a few more will come in the future. Now, be brave to leave the squad categories and see what happens beyond.

Congratulations also on the sword to Arsies, I think the figure was a great idea and the colours were very light and cool, but as I told him I would not have given him the sword. The important thing is not to become accomodated because of success and to continue with this rythm because his level has risen spectacularly. If I had to choose, I would have given the sword to Crimes (his wife), she is a great person and very kind to keep on with a guy like Arsies :P and because she will have to be in bed with his husband and the sword (because we all know that Arsies will not leave the sword alone even when taking a shower...). Be careful, we don't want any accidents to happen!

Finally I would like to mention how great the awards ceremony was. BUENISIMO! We love to complain when things go wrong, and it is our right to do so. But when things go well we do not say so much. And frankly, the awards, where we could talk and dedicate, and the time were the sword was given calling all golds to the scene, really felt great. Please organize an initiative to send letters to GW next year to repeat such a great awards ceremony. I really do not know what you think about this but I really loved it.

Just mention that there is a thorough report available on our experience this weekend, and that great part of the awards ceremony has been recorded on video, and we are already working to organize all this information so you can enjoy with our stories (in Spanish of course :P). I hope to have it very soon!