Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Do Not Miss: August 2011

A lot of activity this month! Seen on the internet on August 2011:

  • The Return of the Warlord by Matt Cexwish: This is the massive article written for Massive Voodoo by Matt Cexwish, presenting his last and unique creation which got him the Slayersword this year on GD Germany. Can't say much to describe this one, just take a look and read carefully if you haven't done it yet. You'll find a whole different approach and a lot of fresh air brought into miniature painting which is certainly something else.

  • World Expo 2011: This month filled with events on the hobby we had the pleasure to see (others more than me...) the most important event about miniautres, the World Expo (WE of Historical Miniatures). This event is celebrated every 3 years and its the most important one of the world about historical miniatures and contains a Fantasy section which is becoming more and more relevant. In the post I wrote about it you can find photos of the winner of the Best of Show in fantasy and more information about the event. Now we'll just have to wait for the next one!

  • How to do bases for squads and units: This tutorial explains how to do scenic bases for units or squads for about 12 miniatures or so. If you don't have much idea on how to do something like this, now you can learn with the guys from Chest of Colors. And if you already knew how to, I'm sure you'll find something useful.

  • Hellenika by Roberto Chaudon: This is a new release from Kabuki Models in 54 mm, a very interesting sculpt of a female spartan warrior. Very appealing.

  • Jean Bart Corsair by Romeo Models: Impressive release by Romeo Models, a Corsair in 54mm which is very paintable and the sculpture is just delicious.

  • Nagausith by MIKH: This is an awesome new release in 30mm from Banelegions (Maelstrom Games) sculpted by MIKH. The sculpt is simply breathtaking and the idea of the dragon wing banner is nothing I've seen before.

  • Ork Warboss by Silphid (Slayersword Chicago 2011): This is the entry which was awarded the Slayersword in GD Chicago 2011. It's the return to painting of Silphid, one of the artists that inspired me when I began in this hobby. I am most certainly happy that he is back in action. What a great piece!

  • Mortio Grulgor by Todd Swanson: This Nurgle Space Marine won Gold in Single 40k in GD Chicago 2011. Good composition and colour on this one, the worms are very creepy!

Monday, August 22, 2011

World Expo 2011

I don't really want to talk about this event because I didn't go and fills my heart with tremendous envy... but I really can't ignore it:

This weekend, the most important event of historial miniatures has taken place, whe World Expo, celebrated every 3 years, and this time, in Montreux, Switzerland. It has also a section of Fantasy where the best artists of the world compete.

The Best of Show of the event went to Bill Horan, one of the most classic artists in historical miniatures, and also part of the organization, a fact that will be very much commented for sure.

In the fantasy part, the Best of Show went to M. Kontraros for an amazing display of busts representing cards, the Ace, the King, the Queen and the Jack, and of course, the Joker, which has just assasinated the King and taken his place. Take a look at this photos made by our friend arkira (from the Spanish Team forum):

And there has been massive success of our representatives from Spain. Alfonso Giraldes (Banshee), Diego Esteban (Dieguete), Javie González (Arsies), his wife Cris, Alex Varela (Iguazzu), Julio Cabos, Jesús Martin, arkira... what an amazing representation we have! Congratulations to all. I am really looking forward to seeing their works, specially the one made by Banshee and Dieguete, a duel between two space marines in 54 mm scale.

Meanwhile, check out this massive gallery for many pics of the WE:

And also, don't forget about the work of Marjin Van Gils, a perfect example of how to mix miniatures and art (again, photos from arkira). This dioramas were very difficult to photograph because of Marjin's particular use of perspective and miniatures:

Shit!!! I missed it all!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Galadriel, Lady of Light

I decided to paint this version of Galadriel in a night ambience, focusing on a light coming from the ring in her hand and the rest of the scene in twilight. There are many many versions of Galadriel painted already so it's not easy to find a new concept for het. Even so, I painted her because I am very much used to paint something the night before a GD, and this year I had nothing to paint before the spanish GD. My friend Elias Alonso gave me this Galadriel, a miniature which I love from the LOTR line, and I tried to do my best in the time I had. I am very satisfied with her, and now she will become part of Elias' private collection. I am sure that I will paint some other one in the future.

Link to coolminiornot:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Golden Demon Germany 2011: Back home!

The spanish armada is back home now. We can report that we had an awesome time in Köln! Always a pleasure to visit german lands. Here are some photos of the trip:

Great Dom of Köln!

The legendary "Bergo", Borja Garcia Gold in LOTR

It's true what they say about Central European weather

Should've brought an umbrella today...

Recruited by the Imperial Guard!

Shit, that's what I call an ORK!!

About the contest, another great Golden Demon. This time the sword went to Matt Cexwish (something we kind of predicted because we knew what he was building since he told us in GD France). I made very very shitty photos of minis there so I prefer to put you a link to some proper photos by GW:

Photos on ST Forum linked from GW Facebook

Yet I found some photos about the award ceremony:

Waiting for the sword...

URKUNDE? What is that supposed to mean?

This photo is because I won Silver on Warhammer 40.000 Einheit (which would be 40k Squad) with the Korps of Krieg at Ease unit, part of my future Krieg Army (you can see I am serious about my armies thing!). I will post photos of it soon and also about the Galadriel which though she didn't get anything, I am very happy about her and she will be now forming part of the private collection of Elias Alonso, as I traded her for his Skaven-Villager duel.

And thus my GD 2011 season ends! I will start work on new stuff very soon because even though I am travelling to US for a whole month in September, painting does not stop! Stay tuned!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Golden Demon Germany 2011: Doing it the german way

Yes guys, we are in Köln, awesome city which we always love to visit:

Of course, a weekend on a diet based on sausages and mustard, all accompanied by beer... and lots of nerdy painters and miniatures! Today we have a massive painters dinner (more than 50 guests) which promises to be fun to say the least. We'll do our best to enjoy the visit, and the Golden Demon. News when we return!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

After the workshop Morsa-Volomir 30-31 july 2011

The second workshop Morsa-Volomir just took place this weekend. Another awesome opportunity to have a wonderful time, and I'm sure painters have learnt a lot from the experience. Here are some photos:

Unfortunately I have no photos of the miniatures painted which would have been very good because the results have been extraordinary. Even better than what I expected at first!

Concerning other stuff, this weekend Golden Demon Chicago took place, I have no information about it but our friend Chris from has a very useful post gathering some links about this event. Check it out:

Bestienmeister Blog

And also, Golden Demon Germany will take place this weekend. About this one I will have information, but not until late in the week because I am returning home on Tuesday and I won't be able to post anything until then. I don't think I will have a good camera to make photos of entries but I promise I'll do my best to keep you guys informed.