Thursday, July 15, 2010

GD Spain 2010: Remarkable figures 1

We are still with the hangover after winning the World Cup, but I have managed to gather some photos of the best figures seen in this year's GD Spain. Here are some of them:

These are two bad photos of the SlayerSword from Rubén Martínez (darthgollum). I know, judging by the photos you might think it's not as good as a Slayersword should be, but when you have it in your hand its a very fine painted figure. Although it passed unnoticed in the shelves, it won the Sword in the end.

Lord Nurglemors from Elías Alonso (morsa). A very good figure badly mistreated last year which has managed bronze in Open this year (Elías had another figure entered in Single 40k).

Genestealer by Juano, demonstrating that his award last year wasn't random.

A Space Wolf Terminator from Piquifl, did not win anything but I think it is a good idea, I will probably do something similar in the future.

Hugo le Petit by Petrus, did not win anything but take a look at this retro delight!

Grimgor from Miguel Matías won Gold in Open.

A Land Raider by aArsies, improved tabletop quality according to him.

A very fine Khorne berserkers squad from Petrus.

Again Petrus, duel based on the fight between Anakin and Obi Wan from Knightmodels presented some time ago (you will surely remember it).

A Boromir from arsenus_kaligar with a very special colour palette. No awards for this one.

Chaos Hero by Octavio (Aathos).

My Éowyn (the traveller) which I presented because Elías convinced me to even though I didn't intend to. No awards again, and I think its a very fine figure (even having a peasant face). I will post better photos soon.

An Arwen by Piti, the painting is not very good but the idea of the flowers simply makes you fall in love (what else).

Well, there are many more yet to be shown, the old school Tyranid by Pradal, the mutant from Rubén Pérez Alonso, the Imperial Fists explorer by Elías Alonso, the photos from the scary diorama category... more and better coming soon. Stay tuned.

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Mr. Mahon said...

Awesome stuff and good photos. Thanks for sharing....

I really wish I had been able to go to this GD even if only to see such great works.

Lots of imagination, fantastic colors, impressive technique.

Maybe one day we'll go to Spain to meet you guys there and see such works in person...

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