Tuesday, March 11, 2014

WIP: Ellyrian Reavers Part 5

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Let's move on to the shoes. The key here is to define the leather by outlining and creating texture. First, a quick wash of brown over the shoe, showing the prime coat underneath.

Lighter coat with Bestial Brown.

Dotting, I raise the colour with English Uniform (Vallejo) and Confederate Grey (Andrea).

Outlining is essential here, even if it is done dotting. Confederate Grey.

A bit more, adding Nacar to Confederate Grey to make it lighter.

And further more adding pure white to the previous mix.

Then I paint the shadow outlining, with Dark Sea Blue (Vallejo) and some Inks (Andrea) to gain depth. It defines everything very much.

If the result is too white, we can always colour it up with Brown Ink (Andrea) which will also give an interesting satin finish. Also pure white will work for the most extreme light spots.

This is done in all the riders, but I don't think I need to show it on each and every one of them!

Let's continue with the gaiters instead. First off, just a thin coat of blueish red over the black&white priming.

The priming is very useful as it let's us guess where to situate lights and shadows, that's what I will start to do, with a slightly lighter tone of red.

I keep on raising the light by adding Space Wolves Grey.

The final lights are done adding white to the mix, which results in a very light shade of pink. I will also outline the edges of the gaiter with this colour.

I will start with the shadows, adding Dark Sea Blue to the original red.

A darker shadow is done by adding Dark Sea Blue and some ink (blue/green from Andrea) which is also used to outline the gap between the edge of the gaiter and the leg.

With the base tone, I smooth some of the transitions.

And some final touches to clean it all up and add a bit more overall contrast.

Moving up to the pants, you can see how the gaiter is finished. The pants will be painted white with blue/green stripes, freehanded. The pants are not one of the best parts of these models, because they can't have gaps due to plastic casting. Therefore, my paint needs to make this important area interesting and more realistic. To make it interesting, the stripes; to make it more realistic, proper lighting.

Over the grey prime base, a sketch of the stripes in Dark Sea Blue (very thin).

Once happy with the sketch, stronger layer of blue over the stripes.

In between the blue stripes, I add white. These stripes are whiter on top and greyer on the bottom, to follow zenithal lighting.

To the blue stripes, I will add some lights in turquoise.

The gap between rider and horse could be interpreted as pant. I shadow it down as if there was a gap in between. This is a key way of correcting bad sculpture with paint!

I define the stripes a bit more adding stronger shadows on the bottom and refining the edges a bit.

Some thing glazes over all will homogenize everything and make them more coherent.

That's it! Let's do it on all the horses. I will not bore you repeating the same process all over again! ;)

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hrld said...

striped pants on elves, and then i gotrek gurnissions favourite colours, i won´t hear him muttering about the treachery of elves....

nice work mate


Unknown said...

Great step by step on the boots :-)

Love your detail work, especially the stripes.

Looking forward for more.

BTW, do you trevel to the duke oof bavaria?

Best regards,
Michael aka Dellolyn

Rafael García Marín said...

Sadly I won't be attending Duke of Bavaria this year :(