Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Golden Demon France 2009

Well my friends, I've been having some personal problems lately and I haven't been able to write as much as I would have liked, but anyway, I'm back! As you may know by now, this weekend we had the pleasure to attend Golden Demon 2009 in Paris. We had a great time there, it was my third time there and I think that, concerning the fun we had, probably the best of the three trips. We had a real bohemian french weekend, eating french cheese, french bakery, french wine, crèpes, croissants... oui! oui! great time there! We couldn't party because we didn't have much sleep because of the painting, but we will compensate it on Madrid!

About the contest, great figures over there. I would say that more or less the same amount of geniuses as usual, but maybe less participation on the average level as past years. Because of my personal troubles, I couldn't finish my planned entry, a Malus Darkblade, nearly full scratch, for single Fantasy. Instead I had to enter an Éowyn on Lord of the Rings, which I'm very proud of because of its story (which I will tell when the time is right :P). The bad thing is that I didn't get any awards, just a finalist, and I am becoming very used to not getting anything in french GDs (the only GDs i've ever been to and never got any award are all the french). Anyways, my spanish friends came back with a lot of awards, I list them here (spanish in bold):

Young Blood :

Gold : Sylvain Rousseau (Eldar Avenger)
Silver : Grégoire De Bernouis (Space Marine)
Bronze : Théo Lamury (Slaanesh Champion on foot)

Warhammer Single :

Gold : Jérôme Otremba (Orchestre Chaman)
Silver : Axel De Mohrenschield (Slaanesh Champion on foot)
Bronze : Georg Damm (High Elf)

WH40K Single :

Gold : Diego Esteban Perez (Space Wolf Terminator)
Silver : Nicholas Ferrière (Kroot)
Bronze : David Petit (Winged Slaanesh Champion)

LotR :

Gold : Bruno Levalee (Aragorn)
Silver : Jérôme Otremba (Arwen)
Bronze : Vivien Chesnel (Legolas on horseback)

Monster or Cavalerie :

Gold : Ben Komets (MazdaMundi)
Silver : Rémy Tremblay (Giant)
Bronze : Frédéric Duclos (Khorne Champion on Juggernaut)

Warhammer machine or vehicle :

Gold : Steve Party (Black Coach)
Silver : Guillaume Hémery (Orkut Truck)
Bronze : Xavier Payet (IG FW Tank)

Warhammer Regiment :

Gold : Denis Bouvet (Dwarves)
Silver : Georg Damm (Dark Elves)
Bronze : Julien Casses (Dark Elf Knights on Cold Ones)

WH40K Squad :

Gold : Guillaume Hémery (Badauds Moon Orks)
Silver : Pablo Lopez-Jimeno (Khorne Berzerkers)
Bronze : Jorge Valdes-Alvarez (Space Marines)

Diorama :

Gold : Matt Cexwish (The Puppet Show)
Silver : Bruno Lavallée (LotR : Defeat of the Witch King)
Bronze : Mickaël Denis (a big Tyranid in an IG holding cell)

Open :

Gold : Jose Manuel Palomes Nunez (Sigmar Priest vs Chaos Warrior)
Silver : Alfonso Giraldes-Borbon Bermejo (Catachan Ogre)

Bronze : Rémy Tremblay (High Elf)

Forge World Best of Swow : Milan Jespers (Krieg Officer)

Slayer Sword : Ben Komets (Mazda Mundi)

You can look for photos and links for more info on the Spanish Team forum.

Congrats to all the winners, specially my spanish friends which I'm very proud of, and also to my friends Matt Cexwish (for the motherfucking best diorama story ever) and Ben Komets (3 swords on a row?? who does that???).

Be prepared for Spain, I will be taking my Éowyn and who knows what else!