Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Do Not Miss: September 2015

September is ending, everyone is going back to school! Don't forget to pack your favourite miniatures, brushes and paint pots!

New changes on the Do Not Miss from now on. There is a specific section now on new releases from commercial brands, I think it is worth separating new releases and box arts from the rest of the cool miniatures that I find around the network. I'm also considering adding another section about videos, now that painting miniature videos are becoming a huge trend. But that will be in the next month probably...

Also, this month you may have seen that I didn't post anything on the blog. Normal life called to arms, so sadly I didn't have time to put on the blog. Probably this is the first time that this happens in years. Hopefully next month will not follow this horrific trend of late! In the meantime, here you go, the essential links for this month:


  • Gutrot Spume by David Soper: Finally, the finished photos of this wonderful version of Gutrot Spume by David Soper. He is building a Nurgle army, at this level?? Crazy!! I'm so excited about it!

  • Roboute Guilliman by Flameon: The Primarch of the Ultramarines mini is wonderful and extremely detailed, and Flameon has done a legendary job on it. Amazing use of colours!

  • Space Hulk Terminator test by Arsies: I have my box of Space Hulk lying around, I definitely should take it out someday. Javi is always motivating me to do stuff!

  • Oldhammer glories by Ringil: Marina shows us some superbly painted miniatures from old editions of Warhammer. Old school glory!

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