Thursday, May 28, 2009

III Encuentro San Lorenzo de El Escorial

Last weekend this event was celebrated in the famous village "San Lorenzo de El Escorial". A beautiful spot in the mountains of Madrid were old spanish kings are buried for eternity. In this royal background, this contest is getting more and more importance each year, and this year's edition was another one to enjoy. Because of the Golden Demon, which is taking place this weekend, our french friends Allan Carrasco and Jeremie Bonamant decided to prolong their stay and give a modelling course in San Lorenzo de El Escorial. Jeremie also decided to enter the contest with some of his well known artworks and this gave the opportunity for local painters to compete with him.

There were a lot of entries this year, traditionally this has been a historical figure event but the fantasy part proved to be very very strong and many painters were impressed by the level of the new young fantasy painters.

Personally, I am preparing my Malus Darkblade for the Golden Demon this weekend so I couldn't enter the contest in San Lorenzo. However, I was given the opportunity to be part of the jury, so I could see all the contest figures closely, and contribute to the final veredict. Jeremie Bonamant ended winning the Best of Show with his Piper, the one we saw in France and presumably will be seeing in Spain, a conversion of a Wraithlord which is playing his weapon as if it were a flute, walking over a puzzle walkway while lots of tanks and machines follow him in the background. Great award for a crazy idea which is still surprising me.

I couldn't attend both days but I could talk to a lot of friends and had a great time. Let's see what happens this weekend...