Thursday, February 28, 2013

Do Not Miss: February 2013

These are the most interesting things I've seen in February 2013:

Painting Crusade (People)

There's even more to talk about on Painting Crusade X!

You can check Corvus's video on the Painting Crusade X. Really good vibes out there! Check out the sexy people!

But there's tons of photos that I can share with you of the people and the event! Check them out.
10 years of Painting Crusade!
The incredible Ben Komets
Massive Voodoo monkeys
Painting table
People paying attention
Upper balcony
Painting Crusade organization team
Miniatures contest expo
Painting table from the balcony
Trying some of the local products
Being sexy is something that can't be denied
Painting Crusade's own beverage
Big Roman Lappat on his painting demo
The great Tue and Philip
Awesome Mikkel
Beautiful Valérie
Eating light
German connection
Some more local gastronomy
General Benpoleon
Me and my heroes
Crowd listening
Quentin, my french and me
DJ Volomir is in da house
Young Aliaume
Raffa Harlem Shaking to DJ Volomir
Painting Crusade Harlem Shaking
More Harlem Shaking
Philip going crazy
Award ceremony
Award ceremony
Award ceremony
Raffa and Rafa love
Award ceremony
Award ceremony
Even more Raffa and Rafa love
Award ceremony
Award ceremony
Golden Edmon
Award ceremony
Award ceremony
Award ceremony
Who will enter the legend?
Benoit Menard did
Everyone is happy to be here
Benoit being happy too
Painting Crusade people, best you can get anywhere
Sadly I don't have photos of the Saturday party because it was crazy and wild, and I had to preserve the integrity of my camera. Ok, well... I do have some videos but for the sake of those involved I won't make them public. But it was MASSIVE (and not Voodoo this time) that all painters could stay in the same house, sleep, party and of course have sex (those who has the chance, obviously).

Thanks again to everyone who was there! To the organization for being so awesome, to Quentin and his family for being so hospitable, to the judges Roman (my Massive monkey) and Cyril (what an honour to be alongside this TITAN of the brush), Tue for probably changing my modelling life, Massive Voodoo for giving us masturbation material everyday, Raffa for being so sexy, Valérie for being even more sexy than Raffa... EVERYONE! HARLEM SHAKE!!!

And remember, von heute nicht mehr Pferd!