Friday, February 12, 2010

"A Escala", Spanish Miniature Painters Expo

Great initiative this one! Some associations from the hobby in Spain have organized a wonderful Expo gathering figures from some of the best Spanish hobbyists, unique opportunity to admire these extraordinary pieces all in the same place. The Expo will take place in Albacete, and will be open between March 2-20. Here's the official Expo flyer:

Monday, February 1, 2010

2010 starts nicely

Many of you know that I have proposed myself to have a great year in all aspects. There has only been a month and it is already been promising, really. On the painting aspect, which is what we talk about in this blog, things also motivate optimism. I had the great idea of hanging pictures of "Tribute to the Fallen" early this month, so that in the famous world ranking of figures which is CoolMiniOrNot, it could count as a work of 2010 and thus enter the lists in the new year. Well, the mark which it has right now has allowed it to be placed number 1 in 2010 during the whole month of January, and it remains in this position, hopefully for a long time (it would be naive to think that it is going to last long, but the more the better). This means that there have been a lot more people lucky enough to find the image of the figure and therefore my work is having a lot more circulation than before (the lion has now about 11 thousand visits).

In terms of new works for 2010, as they say, we're working on it. I probably won't be hanging pictures of them in a long time since I am already preparing the next contest in which I will be entering, the spanish Golden Demon on July 4 (unfortunately I won't be attending France this year to focus on the homeland product). However, I'm thinking of doing an exception this time, I can't leave you guys without seeing anything until then!

I say long live 2010!