Thursday, May 31, 2012

Do Not Miss: May 2012

This is the most interesting stuff I've seen in the internet on May 2012:

  • Superman, the green: These are photos from the sculpture of Superman, one of last month's new releases by Knightmodels.

  • Batman 30mm, the green: And these are photos of Batman's sculpture. The detail is so amazing its hard to believe its a 30mm!

  • Pulp Fiction by Piquifl: This is a bust of Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction sculpted by Piquifl, seen in The Cursed Monkeys blog. Don't forget to read Ezekiel 25:17!

  • Demon by Romain: Romain has completed two of the busts he was working on lately. The first one is this Demon.

  • Innsmouth Fisherman by Romain: And the other one is this fisherman. Amazing work as always!

  • Toy Store by Fstar: This is a fantastic and beautiful idea created by Fstar and presented in AMT Torrent 2012. Don't miss his explanation!

  • Merlin by Pedro Fernández: Another impressive post with photos of the sculpture of Merlin by Pedro Fernández for Nocturna/Historic Art. Find them in Rafa Coll's Blog.

  • Mila Kusanagi by Joaquín Palacios: The new release from Andrea Miniatures for their Dark Nova series is this futuristic girl soldier made by Freeman (Joaquín Palacios). Beautiful!

  • Monster by Sergus: This is a great example of how to cope with a difficult concept when creating a new sculpture. Sergus had a difficult task in his hands and he solved it with great merit!

  • May releases from Knightmodels: The set of new releases from Knightmodels. This month, a bust of Iron Man, Robin in 75mm, Deadpool in 75mm and some more stormtroopers in 30mm. I love the painting of the bust!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

VI Encuentro Miniaturismo San Lorenzo de El Escorial

This weekend (June 2/3), the magnificent town of San Lorenzo de El Escorial will hold once again its annual event related to painting and modelling. And we are talking now about the sixth edition!

And just like the past three years, I will be there as I have been invited once again, together with my great friend Elías Alonso, to be the judge of the Fantasy section of the painting competition.

I will be there on Saturday morning and will have to leave early in the afternoon because there's other stuff I have to attend, but I hope to see all of you there! I will post photos of the event so you can see what you missed if you decide not to come. And good luck to all the participants!

And about other things, I know, you've told me, the blog hasn't got a lot of activity lately. That's because I have been preparing some miniatures for the Golden Demon that I couldn't show before the contest, and its taking its toll. Especially because one of them was a full scratch in 54mm (and the sculpture is completely finished) that I won't be entering into contest anymore as there is no Large Scale category this year. That meant starting some other thing which hopefully will be done in time which I will show when the time comes. Anyhow, the GD contest season is coming soon and that will mean a big rise in activity, so just remain patient a little longer! I promise tons of photos of all the events coming. :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

If you want to give me a gift...

You know this blog is my own personal little space on the internet (the disclaimer on the side of the blog I wrote nearly 4 years ago still makes sense as the purpose of this place). So it recently ocurred to me that I could open a page which would serve as some sort of "Wishlist". A page where I would be posting all the miniatures and stuff I strongly desire or would like to acquire or paint at some point.

This will serve for two purposes, one is to be a personal reminder of what I love and want to have or paint, and two is to be the perfect guide to all of you out there (friends, family, you reading, people who love me in general XD) to know what to get me in case you find yourself in the situation where you have to make me a gift (birthday, Christmas, love-you gift...) and you don't have the slightest idea of what to get me.

Well lucky you! Now you know what I desire the most! Don't forget to check it regularly, I will be updating it often with my deepest desires! Right now I'll open the page with just Boromir (my deepest desire right now, for many many reasons), but I will be filling in all the things I'd love to have and paint.

Volomir's Wishlist

Come on and don't be shy! You know you won't dissapoint me by getting me any of the items on the list! It's a win-win! :D

By the way, you may have noticed lack of painting activity lately. I am actually undergoing good GD Spain preparation, so there has to be a lot of secrecy around my activities (part of the fun of preparing a GD entry!). I hope to share photos with you very soon. Also, I am planning on continuing the paint on the Artscale Imperial Fist which I will enter to GD too if I manage to finish on time. So hopefully I'll continue the process article! Stay tuned!