Thursday, May 31, 2012

Do Not Miss: May 2012

This is the most interesting stuff I've seen in the internet on May 2012:

  • Superman, the green: These are photos from the sculpture of Superman, one of last month's new releases by Knightmodels.

  • Batman 30mm, the green: And these are photos of Batman's sculpture. The detail is so amazing its hard to believe its a 30mm!

  • Pulp Fiction by Piquifl: This is a bust of Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction sculpted by Piquifl, seen in The Cursed Monkeys blog. Don't forget to read Ezekiel 25:17!

  • Demon by Romain: Romain has completed two of the busts he was working on lately. The first one is this Demon.

  • Innsmouth Fisherman by Romain: And the other one is this fisherman. Amazing work as always!

  • Toy Store by Fstar: This is a fantastic and beautiful idea created by Fstar and presented in AMT Torrent 2012. Don't miss his explanation!

  • Merlin by Pedro Fernández: Another impressive post with photos of the sculpture of Merlin by Pedro Fernández for Nocturna/Historic Art. Find them in Rafa Coll's Blog.

  • Mila Kusanagi by Joaquín Palacios: The new release from Andrea Miniatures for their Dark Nova series is this futuristic girl soldier made by Freeman (Joaquín Palacios). Beautiful!

  • Monster by Sergus: This is a great example of how to cope with a difficult concept when creating a new sculpture. Sergus had a difficult task in his hands and he solved it with great merit!

  • May releases from Knightmodels: The set of new releases from Knightmodels. This month, a bust of Iron Man, Robin in 75mm, Deadpool in 75mm and some more stormtroopers in 30mm. I love the painting of the bust!!

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