Monday, June 4, 2012

Photos from "VI Encuentro Miniaturismo San Lorenzo de El Escorial"

As always, after the weekend of the event, here you have photos of the miniatures and the awards. I prepared some photos of the Fantasy section of the contest that I could fo thanks to being part of the judges and because I had access to all the pieces of the event.

First of all, here are the categories of the Fantasy section:
  • D1: Less than 54mm
  • D2: 54mm and over 54mm
  • D3: Vehicles
  • D4: Scenes and dioramas
  • D5: Scratch and heavy transformations (painted miniatures were accepted but only sculpture was judged)

And now the photos of those miniatures that received award or were part of the awarded displays. They were done with my mobile phone and with a terrible light (the one of the event) so please forgive the quality (specially the authors). You can click on them to see them bigger.

Savage Orc, oro en D1
Space marine, plata en D1
Obi-Wan, plata en D1
Comical Terminator, plata en D1
Zombis on the run, bronce en D1
Count Dooku, bronce en D1
Assasin, bronce en D1.
Fantasy couple, bronce en D1.
Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, bronce en D1.
Violinista, bronce en D1.
Anakin Skywalker's Podracer, oro en D5 (única entrada de la categoría)
Ork Bust from Luis Gómez Pradal, oro en D2
Ork Bust from Diego Esteban, plata en D2
Varathar, plata en D2
Gunman, bronce en D2
Pilot woman bust, bronce en D2
Sherlock Holmes, bronce en D2
Gabriel Blackburn, bronce en D2
A 54mm from Pegaso, bronce en D2
Olfo in the forest, bronce en D2
Flutist, bronce en D2
Lex Luthor, bronce en D2
Any problem? by Diego Esteban, oro en D4
"Han, now is not the time", plata en D4
Amores reñidos, Yarry and Kendra, plata en D4
Wizard and dragon, bronce en D4
Duel in the heights, bronce en D4
Skaven attacking bronce en D4
Blood Angel Large Scale by Diego Esteban (with Alfonso Giraldes), oro en D5
Chaos Space Marine by Diego Esteban (with Alfonso Giraldes), oro en D5
Detail from the Chaos Space Marine
Detail from the Blood Angel
Gandalf's bust, plata en D5
Pilot woman bust, plata en D5
Nurgle Space Marine bust, by Diego Esteban
Tyrion Lannister, bronce en D5
Zombie bust, bronce en D5
Diego Esteban's diorama "Any Problem?", which you will probably remember from Chicago's Crystal Brush where it got the second prize (a juicy reward of $2,000) was for me the best entry of the Fantasy section, and of the whole contest. However, the judges team voted and decided democratically that the Best of Show should go to a diorama from the Historical section, completely scratch built. Here you have some photos of details that I could take from both entries.
And that was it, the "VI Encuentro de Miniaturismo de San Lorenzo de El Escorial". More next year? :)

PS: Do you like the new photo layout for events? Do you prefer this new one or the way I posted photos in the past? Please give me your feedback because what you say will probably determine whether I will post photos like this or how I did before!

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