Thursday, June 7, 2012

Incoming Boromir!

Just a week ago I decided to post a Wishlist of miniatures I wanted to have. Well, this has certainly been a very fast response. My very good friend Piti (Jose María Arnaiz) has given me the first item of my wishlist as a gift!!
Boromir, 75mm, Knightmodels


Of course he gave it to me as a gift on the condition that I painted it. I promise to do so once the GD season is over and once I finish other compromises I have (Imperial Fist Artscale). I can't wait to put my brushes into this one! This character from Lord of the Rings has a lot of meaning for me, as you can guess just by looking at my nickname. I'll explain more when the time comes...

Also, for your interest, I have updated the Spare Parts Shop page of the blog with the new photo layout which I'm sure you'll find much more appealing, and of course, more juicy items. Don't forget to check it out often for more stuff! You might be able to grab yourself a bargain!

And to end this little tribute to my friend Piti, here's a wonderful picture we took of him this past weekend. Enjoy his beauty dressed as a metalhead!

PS: That June "Do Not Miss" was obviously not intended for today :)


Anonymous said...

metalhead... nice word you learned a couple of weeks ago!!!

Rafael García Marín said...

jajaja nice one "Anonymous" :P