Saturday, June 30, 2012

Do Not Miss: June 2012

This is the most interesting stuff I've seen in the internet on June 2012:

  • WW1 german fighter pilot by Arsies: This bust represents a WW1 german fighter pilot, called Josef Mai, and its a new release from Stormtroopers. This is the boxart made for the company by our friend Arsies.

  • Batman 30mm, the green: And these are photos of Batman's sculpture. The detail is so amazing its hard to believe its a 30mm!

  • Blood Maw, new beast from Banelegions painted by Ben Komets: This monstruosity (huge by the way) is one the new releases from Banelegions, Maelstrom Games (these guys have a tremendous production rate). The painting by Ben is exceptional, and he says he had a great time painting it! They are a bit overpriced to my taste though.

  • Marie from the Aristocats, by Poisonauta: Leo has started a blog about his modelling, and he recently posted this little beauty. Because not everything should be soldiers and beasts!

  • Jekyll and Hyde, Roman Tribune, Scale75: These new releases from Scale75 are worth a line in our Do Not Miss. The Tribune is nothing extraordinary but the Jekyll/Hyde has a lot of potential!

  • Concurso de Fuengirola 2012 (Damek): Report of this contest celebrated in June by Damek in his blog (in Spanish).

  • Concurso de Fuengirola 2012 (Rafa Coll): Another review and photos of the Fuengirola contest, this time by Rafa Coll (in Spanish).

  • Gretchingrad by mörback: Amazing army of Gretchins painted in a very cool scheme, really good work, must have required a lot of time to complete!

  • About driving and contrast: Mahon from Chest of Colors made this amazing comparison between speed sensation when driving and contrast sensation when painting miniatures. Have you ever heard "you need more contrast" but never knew how to make it happen? Give this article a good read.

  • Dr. Watson by Infamy Miniatures: This is an absolutely exceptional kit from Infamy miniatures. Modelled by MIKH, one of my favourite sculptors in 28mm, and painted by Javier González (Arsies), I simply love it. Great work guys!

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