Friday, June 29, 2012

Great weekend ahead! GD Spain 2012

So this weekend Golden Demon Spain takes place in Barcelona. And we will be there!

In the past few years Golden Demon was held in Madrid, and even though it was much more convenient for us in terms of logistics (very very close to home) I actually preferred the old days when GD took place in Barcelona. The event was much better and many more international painters came to visit us. And I anticipate there will be some coming this time!

I'll be entering the contest with the Artscale Imperial Fist which I will hopefully finish today. Probably the WIP will end up unfinished because I just can't get time to make photos while painting but I'll do my best.

I will make sure you are informed about the contest and will post photos of the minis as soon as I can. I already prepared myself to post results and pics just when the event ends (I hope I am able to do it!). So be tuned to the blog on Sunday afternoon!

Also, Spain is playing against Italy in the finals of the Euro 2012 football championship, and we will see the match there. Hopefully we will win and that will be a great excuse for some more party!


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Darkmessiah said...

Good luck finishing ur entry Raf, ill see you Saturday