Thursday, June 21, 2012

WIP Artscale Imperial Fist part 2

Previously on... WIP Artscale Imperial Fist

Now that I've decided I will bring this little dude to GD Spain, it's time to continue with the WIP! It will be fast... I have to finish in a week and a half!

Let's get into the red and white parts. Simon had the head magnetized so I can separate it from the body and paint it separately. So let's use the airbrush to get a very smooth result. I'm going to prime the areas in red and white with just pure white. Then I will mask the white areas and will airbrush in red.

Here's the helmet. It has yellow from the airbrushing of the whole miniature. Let's bring it back to white.

And here's the body. As I said, I mask the areas around the red and whites and prime back to white with airbrush:

And now once I have them white, I'll mask the parts that I want to remain white and airbrush red all over.

First some darker shade of red on the lower parts.

Followed by some classic Blood Red from the top as the lights for red. And this is how it looks after I take the masks off.

As you see masks are rarely perfect, so I have to give some touches with normal brush to make it cleaner. Here I also start glazing shadows on the kneepad to integrate it with the rest. Another thing to remark here is that I have outlined all the areas in the left leg, interesting thing to see opposing it to the other leg. Really important job to outline, don't you think?

Now some more reds and whites, but using a normal brush. The space now is too little to use the airbrush, and its not worth it.

Without following any planned order, I start basing little elements so I can see better the whole colour composition. So here's me priming the purity seals in their base colours.

In the next step I go back to the airbrush to shadow a little more the right leg on the inside. With the addition of reds, whites, and bases of purity seals, I realized the yellow needed more depth. So I airbrush the inner part of the leg with more bestial brown and black.

But by using the airbrush without too much control, I stepped over the right foot. I want the light back on there, so I'll start that area again, by masking the area around, prime back to white, give a yellow base, and then careful shadows of bestial brown. Seems a lot of colour changing, and indeed it is, but I have practise and the whole operation shouldn't take me more than a couple of minutes.

After that, some more progress to the right leg. Outlining like I did on the other leg, and improving a little the lights on the kneepad and also outlining it.

Looks like I might have overdone the light outlines of the foot, I will leave it as it is now and once I have more insight on the rest of the mini I'll go back there if necessary.

More coming very soon! Stay tuned.

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Dre4mit said...

Hiho, i'm really happy to see how you work :) Very interesting! Cant wait to see the next steps... Best regards from switzerland!