Thursday, January 31, 2013

Do Not Miss: January 2013

This is the most interesting stuff I've seen in this first month of the new year 2013:

Monday, January 28, 2013

Second best blog of 2012 according to WAMP!

Remember the Blog was nominated to the WAMP awards 2012?
Well, the results are out and Volomir's Blog has been chosen by its readers as the second best blog of the year 2012! AMAZING! I HAVE NO WORDS!

This is the final result of their polls:

  • Winner: Massive Voodoo
  • 2nd: Volomirs Blog
  • 3rd: Coloured Dust

Very good news that fill me with joy and reassure my neverending motivation to continue working hard! I may be just one person for one blog but I can certainly do better!

Congratulations to Massive Voodoo and Coloured Dust! Thank you all of you dear readers of this space, and to all of you who voted for it because you guys make the place possible with your unconditional support. I promise to keep up and use all of my strength make the blog better for 2013!


Friday, January 25, 2013

WIP: Swordmasters of Hoeth Part 6

Previously on... WIP: Swordmasters of Hoeth

Now it's time to start dedicating my effort to painting details. I'll start with the hair, which was previously airbrushed for basecoat, lights and shadows. I am going to increase the contrast and outline a little bit. In the next three photos, the only changes you will see are around the blue hair area.

Increasing the shadows with navy blue and some blue, green and black inks in different proportions.

The lights will also be pushed up, but introducing Space Wolves Grey.

That would be all on the hair. At this point I am going to show how I work on the metallic parts with brush.

Take a look at the metallic bottom part of the torso, just after that rope that serves as some kind of belt to the elf.

The base was just mithril metal with airbrush. As you can see, the surface is rather dull, not shiny. That is because the airbrush kills gloss. But no problem, that will be an advantage. I will start shading the metal by adding more matt and dark colours. First glazes of navy blue.

I'll continue slowly, step by step with no rush. The important part of metals is to ensure that we keep smooth transitions. So the next few photos each contain a single application of paint, so you can get an idea of how many steps I'm doing. (Forgive me for the photos, they are done quickly with a phone camera).

Now that I'm satisfied with the shadows, I can get the gloss back to make the lights shine. Check out the other edge of the metallic armour.

The following photos are very interesting in my opinion. They show how to create volume that does not exist on an otherwise flat area. Check out the circle (at this point blue) surrounded by the hands and hair.

If you take a look at the elf hero of the unit, you'll see that the circle is actually a very nice signet with a gem surrounded by blue and white squares. Well, unfortunately for me, designers of this miniature decided to skip that detail, I guess for production saving purposes, and left it boring plain. Unfortunate, yes, but a very interesting opportunity to show off and have fun. Let's create the feeling that there is indeed a gem and the blue and white squares with just paint.

I'll being with by placing a red gem ellipse in the middle, to have an idea of where the elements will be situated.

I'll put some black on the top part of the ellipse.

Some little orange on the bottom.

Bottom outline of ice yellow on the ellipse.

The shiny white spot to represent the natural shine of glass.

With navy blue, I mark very lightly the squares that surround the gem.

With the same navy blue and a little bit of inks to get intensity, I outline the squares.

White to the squares, and final outlining in general, as well as the tiny metallic rivet that frames the gem and the signet. Voilà!

Isn't it great? I love to do that. Come on sculptors! Take more details out of me! I dare you! Bring it on!!!

Continue to WIP: Swordmasters of Hoeth Part 7

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Organizing info for events 2013

I'm currently gathering all intel I can to plan for the new year, events, contests and so on.

If you click on the Events tag of the blog, you will find a very useful list of events that I am aware of regarding the miniature painting world. If you have some event you want to be posted in the Events section, or you can give me any updated information on the events that are currently listed, please contact me!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Introducing Volomir's Painting Lair

As of September 2012, I live in an appartment in the centre of Madrid. I share space with my good friend Mike, who comes from New York. To celebrate brotherhood between the two nations (spanish and american in this case) we decided to name our new place as United Nations of Atocha.

This place is witness to many adventures, parties and events of all kind, as you can see in the following photos.

United Nations of Atocha es a place where american traditions are followed.

But burgers are more spanish tan ever.

It's a place where boardgames can be played with a group made by women only.

Where you wake up on your birthday to this.

And where diplomatic meetings bring Gokuh together with some hawaaian guys eating pinchos de tortilla with the blessing of Allah.

However, there is a new initiative which we are beginning now that I want to share with you. It's the continuation of the already famous Painting Lair. As some of you know, La Raspura Oscura, the best painting group that has ever existed, was raised and lived from Painting Lair to Painting Lair spreading the work of group painting and crazy nightlife fun. Now it's time for me to honour all of those who gave their places for the welfare of group painting and with huge pride I announce the opening of Volomir's Painting Lair.

First I prepared an individual painting space for me only (check out the awesome paint shelves that I built for the occassion).

Then I decided that we could organise the painting courses here.

After that some friends gathered up to paint and try out the famous Volomir Chicken.

And it seems that the painting family grows ever since...

As you can see, a new group painting movement is growing in Madrid. Our companion Isabel (also known as Nils) is the official organizer of these painting gatherings which are held in my place whenever possible, and if not, in another place available, such as Quimera (one of the miniature stores in Madrid).

We are currently organising sporadical painting gatherings. We are trying to promote miniature painting and having fun, what others call happy painting. But please note, these gatherings are not painting courses! We are gathering to paint altogether in a group, all on the same level, enjoying one of the things that we love to do the most.

So if you happen to be around Madrid and you want to join, let me know!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Painting with... Luciano Rossetto

Luciano Rossetto is 2012 Italian Slayersword winner. His miniature is a wonderful example of what can be done with a lot of dedication and care for detail. We are to find out what Luciano thinks of the miniature painting world and what are his impressions on GD Italy 2012.

    Volomir: Luciano, you are a very well known painter in Italy. Please tell us a bit about yourself for everyone who doesn’t know you. Can you summarize for us the history of your painting?

    Luciano: I was born in Milan and I am a big Milan FC fan. I work in my family business which deals with industrial paints and as a second job in the evening I teach boxing in a gym in my hometown. I have a beautiful wife who is called Elena and 4 year old twins Giulia and Nicolò who are my greatest joy. I started painting about twenty years ago when my brother brought home the first box of Hero Quest. I thought of giving color to those soldiers that immediately fascinated me for their fantasy connotation.

    Volomir: Have you learnt to paint and sculpt all by yourself, have you attended courses, or do you have some sort of personal master?

    Luciano: As I said before I started painting many years ago, so for me it was an experience of continuous research by constantly experimenting personally, as the hobby was not yet as widespread as now, and above all there was no opportunity to attend courses or use the internet. Over the years I have gained experience and my ever growing passion has allowed me to meet other artists who are now very good friends and a source of inspiration, so the exchange continues. One of them is a great sculptor, who showed me the basics of his technique allowing me to make this last piece that won the Slayersword in Italy.

    Volomir: Do you think internet tutorials are enough to learn about painting or do we need something else?

    Luciano: I think they are very useful but not sufficient. I think that practice, perhaps under the supervision of an expert painter, is the best way to acquire information and correct mistakes.

    Volomir: It is usually said that Golden Demon Italy is filled with entries containing a great deal of freehands and that is normally what the jury expects to give awards. What do you think about Golden Demon Italy? Is this really a trend you see there?

    Luciano: It's a widespread tendency in GD Italy, especially because in the past it has given people great results. The downside lies in the fact that too many artists have used this technique without even having the ability to do it and above all a technical background is necessary to get a remarkable job. The important thing is that the freehand is used wisely, perhaps to enhance work already correct from the point of view of colour and volume.

    Volomir: Golden Demons are always controversial, the strict competitive format is very hard and lots of great miniatures are left without reward. What are your impressions on the judging process in GD? Are ‘Eavy Metal painters and GW workers suited to judge the amazing quality we see in these contests? Inviting the previous year Slayersword to be part of the jury seems like a very good initiative, but is that enough?

    Luciano: In every contest there are always people unhappy and controversy about judges being considered more or less competent. The GD is no exception to this, in fact, being the most important and awaited fantasy competition which is always very competitive and hard, this makes it really unique. I find that a "technical" judge can be helpful because it is useful to recognize certain aspects of the painting and the balance in decisions can make a difference, but I think there will never be universal justice because beauty is very subjective.

    Volomir: Your miniature winner of the Slayersword in Italy 2012 is an amazing piece, filled with details and carefully thought until the tiniest bit. Did you prepare specifically to go for the Slayersword? Were you expecting the award?

    Luciano: I never prepare a piece specifically for a contest, my projects are always born from personal passion. Probably, the victory of my first Slayer estimulated me to create something new and different from the previous one but equally ambitious. I would say that I tried and it went well. Whether if I expected something or not I would respond no, Whatever you prepare for a GD no matter how much effort you devote to it, you're never sure if it will be able to win. The competition is great and fierce. Of course I thought that the Space Marine who won the silver medal should have got more.

    Volomir: Together with the Ork, there was a photo album with pictures from the sculpting process, which show that you have worked very thoroughly throughout the whole creation process to build and paint the miniature. When did you start working on it and how long did the whole creation take?

    Luciano: I had in mind what I wanted to do, but I did not know exactly how. It had to be big. I thought of starting from an ogre, but it was not enough and in addition, I had to work on the anatomy too. I imagined my ork with massive muscles and there came my idea of starting from the trunk of the demon prince. The process was very long because I am not a sculptor so times were dilated. If we add this to the fact that I worked very few hours a week because of my busy life, I would say it took about 8 months to finish, the same time that my wife used to make two kids!

    Volomir: This year you won your second Slayersword. Was winning the second time as a rewarding experience as the first time? How did you feel each time?

    Luciano: The first time I think it was for me an unforgettable emotional moment, certainly greater than the latter, but a very deep satisfaction on a personal level as "painter". It was bigger on that aspect this time. I tried a new path with a different type of painting and new experience as a sculptor, and the fact that it was especially appreciated by other "colleagues" made it really gratifying.

    Volomir: Do you travel abroad to other contests? Are you planning to do it in the near future?

    Luciano: Yes, I'd love to do the Spanish and English GD. Maybe also in the company of a friend...

    Volomir: Who are the painters you most like or admire right now in Italy and the rest of the world?

    Luciano: There are many that I admire deeply, but one of the most important for me is Diego Ruina.

    Volomir: Can you tell us something about your upcoming projects? Is there something as big and carefully prepared as the Ork piece coming in the near future?

    Luciano: I have one I wanted to do for a long time and could not for various reasons. But of course you should never reveal the cards before playing.

    Volomir: And finally, last but not least. I’m sure any painter new to the hobby is eager to hear some counsel from you, in Italy or any other country in the painting world. Do you have anything to say to help someone who is starting now and would love to become a master painter someday?

    Luciano: I would tell them to go slowly and follow their passions without painting in terms of competition. The contest should serve as a stimulus and a comparison to better understand where they can work to improve. I often see guys with a lot of talent wanting to get too quickly jumping right die "academic" painting, looking for special effects, colour contrasts and more without having the basics.

Thank you very much Luciano! He left us a lot of interesting comments. Let's see what he is able to do in the future, and I wish him all the best to him and his beautiful family!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Come to Painting Crusade X!

Happy 2013 everyone! I'm back from my Christmas vacation, with renewed strength for the painting year. Some have called it "The Year of the Miniature"! I'll make sure that it is from my humble site.

As an introduction of things to come this year, I want to talk to you about a miniature painting event. For the last ten years, each February Brussels holds a very interesting miniature painting contest called Painting Crusade organized by Team Belgium.

Belgium does not hold many miniature painting contests, and doesn't have a Golden Demon contest, so Belgian miniature painters have to travel to France or Germany to participate in a GD. This makes Painting Crusade yet even more interesting. I've been meaning to attend the contest for quite a while now, but with the tight schedule for contests every year, and limited money for traveling, I couldn't make it happen.

But this year I have been honoured to be invited to the event to serve as part of the jury that will decide the winners of the painting competition! I will team up with the very awesome, handsome and very well known guys Cyril Abati and Roman Lappat. So this means that you guys will be able to find me in the 2013 edition: Painting Crusade X.

It will take place on 23-24 February 2013 in Centre Culturel de Jette, 145 boulevard de Smet de Nayer, 1090 Bruxelles, Belgium. I encourage each and every one of you to come this year as it is very promising, and of course, I will be there! I will also give a painting demonstration, as well as other very well known painters will do too, and there will be a space where you can bring minis and paint to get some quality painting time. So you need no more reasons to come. ;)

See you in Belgium Crusaders of the brush!