Friday, January 18, 2013

Introducing Volomir's Painting Lair

As of September 2012, I live in an appartment in the centre of Madrid. I share space with my good friend Mike, who comes from New York. To celebrate brotherhood between the two nations (spanish and american in this case) we decided to name our new place as United Nations of Atocha.

This place is witness to many adventures, parties and events of all kind, as you can see in the following photos.

United Nations of Atocha es a place where american traditions are followed.

But burgers are more spanish tan ever.

It's a place where boardgames can be played with a group made by women only.

Where you wake up on your birthday to this.

And where diplomatic meetings bring Gokuh together with some hawaaian guys eating pinchos de tortilla with the blessing of Allah.

However, there is a new initiative which we are beginning now that I want to share with you. It's the continuation of the already famous Painting Lair. As some of you know, La Raspura Oscura, the best painting group that has ever existed, was raised and lived from Painting Lair to Painting Lair spreading the work of group painting and crazy nightlife fun. Now it's time for me to honour all of those who gave their places for the welfare of group painting and with huge pride I announce the opening of Volomir's Painting Lair.

First I prepared an individual painting space for me only (check out the awesome paint shelves that I built for the occassion).

Then I decided that we could organise the painting courses here.

After that some friends gathered up to paint and try out the famous Volomir Chicken.

And it seems that the painting family grows ever since...

As you can see, a new group painting movement is growing in Madrid. Our companion Isabel (also known as Nils) is the official organizer of these painting gatherings which are held in my place whenever possible, and if not, in another place available, such as Quimera (one of the miniature stores in Madrid).

We are currently organising sporadical painting gatherings. We are trying to promote miniature painting and having fun, what others call happy painting. But please note, these gatherings are not painting courses! We are gathering to paint altogether in a group, all on the same level, enjoying one of the things that we love to do the most.

So if you happen to be around Madrid and you want to join, let me know!


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