Thursday, January 10, 2013

Come to Painting Crusade X!

Happy 2013 everyone! I'm back from my Christmas vacation, with renewed strength for the painting year. Some have called it "The Year of the Miniature"! I'll make sure that it is from my humble site.

As an introduction of things to come this year, I want to talk to you about a miniature painting event. For the last ten years, each February Brussels holds a very interesting miniature painting contest called Painting Crusade organized by Team Belgium.

Belgium does not hold many miniature painting contests, and doesn't have a Golden Demon contest, so Belgian miniature painters have to travel to France or Germany to participate in a GD. This makes Painting Crusade yet even more interesting. I've been meaning to attend the contest for quite a while now, but with the tight schedule for contests every year, and limited money for traveling, I couldn't make it happen.

But this year I have been honoured to be invited to the event to serve as part of the jury that will decide the winners of the painting competition! I will team up with the very awesome, handsome and very well known guys Cyril Abati and Roman Lappat. So this means that you guys will be able to find me in the 2013 edition: Painting Crusade X.

It will take place on 23-24 February 2013 in Centre Culturel de Jette, 145 boulevard de Smet de Nayer, 1090 Bruxelles, Belgium. I encourage each and every one of you to come this year as it is very promising, and of course, I will be there! I will also give a painting demonstration, as well as other very well known painters will do too, and there will be a space where you can bring minis and paint to get some quality painting time. So you need no more reasons to come. ;)

See you in Belgium Crusaders of the brush!


Corvus said...

Hello, I will be there on Sunday I hope you will have some time for a chat and to check out my miniatures :) See you then, Gerrie aka Corvus

Rafael García Marín said...

Of course! It will be a pleasure to meet you! Just come say hi and who you are and I'll do my best! :D

Tyr said...

Sounds like a great event....I'll be attending for sure :-D