Friday, September 30, 2011

Do Not Miss: September 2011

I've been away all this month as you know, but I could not miss our classical monthly date. So this is the most interesting stuff from what I saw in the internet on September 2011:

  • Raffa's stuff in the WE 2011: Raffa from Massive Voodoo tells us about how he couldn't make it personally to the WE but his miniatures could. He also tells us about his adventures with our friend Sebastian Archer. Oh, of course, he also shows us photos of his very interesting painting stuff!

  • Demon Tower by fstar: Rackham never dies! Look at this great paintjob by one of the Southern Monkeys.

  • Somewhere beyond the sea by Iguazzu: One of Alex Valera's (Iguazzu) entries to the WE. You might remember this one because its a unique sculpture done by Pedro Fernández and JJ painted it for a contest some time ago. Well, Pedro gave very few limited copies of this sculpture to some of his friends, and this one is Iguazzu's copy. What a lucky guy!

  • The Getaway by Piquifl and Arsies: The most important entry by Arsies and Piquifl is this amazing scratch built miniature. What an awesome and laborious work which we could have seen live in the WE, check it out.

  • Euromilitaire links collection by bestienmeister: Chris is gathering lately a lot of info about events. Check this post about Euromilitaire 2011, the classic Folkestone's event. There are a lot of fantastic works out there!

  • Step by step live painting process by bestienmeister: Chris also had an awesome idea to paint while posting live photos of the process on his blog. Of course the opportunity to follow this live is over but you can check out the results of the whole process gathered altogether in one post.

  • Nikolai from Dust Tactics by Remy Tremblay: Another great sculpture in 28 mm scale by Remy. I love his work, he never dissapoints!

  • Historic Art new releases on Rafa Coll's Blog: Again, from the blog of Rafa Coll, amazing new releases by Nocturna Models and its Historical range of miniatures. Awesome! Tremendous Alfonso Gozalo and Pedro Fernández on the sculpting part and Jesús Martín on the brushes. I'm loving it.

  • Horny Hag by Romain Van Der Bogaert: I hadn't heard from him in a while but recently I discovered his blog and this is his latest sculpture. I know I'm not saying nothing new if I tell you that this guy is extremely talented, but I have to say it!

  • Knightmodels new releases from Zwo Artstudio: Seen on the blog of Zwo, these are the new releases by Knightmodels for their Marvel and Star Wars lines. I specially love the Colossus. What an amazing sculpting and painting job!

  • Nokjagerin by lexi: This is a beatiful Kabuki miniature painted by lexi. I really like the colours chosen and the smoothness of the brush.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Three years of Volomir's Blog!

I remember the day I started this blog and it seems like yesterday! But three years have passed now. Three years of life in which a lot of things have happened and of course lots of miniatures were done.

Last year I said I was going to improve the blog. I think I have managed to do so, there is a lot of material on the site to see, lots of photos and tutorials and also interesting stuff like interviews and event coverages. But this is not the end, I intend to make this blog better with more stuff. More processes, more tutorials, more interviews, more miniatures! And a few surprises to come, which I cannot reveal yet. I will, when the time comes...

Right now, as many of you know, I'm on vacation in New York City and therefore my blog is suffering a bit of abandonment until I return home in October. However, I promise to return with more and better things to start this new year, the fourth in the life of the blog.

Happy Birthday Blog!!