Friday, January 31, 2014

What I love the most about miniature painting

This pic was taken yesterday, in a random bar in Madrid, next to one of the most important miniature hobby stores in Madrid. A monthly painters gathering is coming back to life from the Spanish Team Forum, and the results were completely unexpected this time.

Some of the most famous Fantasy painters in the world are in this photo. Can you recognise them?

Yep. This is what I love the most.

PS: For those still wondering... Alfonso Giraldes (Banshee), Jose Palomares (JMPN), Elías Alonso (Morsi), Diego Esteban (Dieguete), Pedro Souto (Lotina), Pablo López (Paloji)...

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Do Not Miss: January 2014

This is the selection of most interesting things read in January 2014. This first month has been a bit slow, not as much activity as the last few months... World Expo preparation has begun?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

WIP: Ellyrian Reavers Part 3

Previously on... WIP: Ellyrian Reavers

It's time to start putting some paint on those horses. Each of them is going to be different! For now I will just do some washes of the base colours of the horse skins. Since the priming job is already good for zenithal lighting, changing the colour but letting the black and white gradients underneath shine through will do the trick.

For example, this horse would be brown.

After those first washes, I insist with the colour to bring up the saturation. Also, the legs will be darker (nearly black) and I will do some work on the face. Basically outlining the eyes and the mouth. You can see how the mouth is also a bit darker.

This other horse will be ochre. First, with some washes.

Then again, insisting on the colour to make it more saturated, but always following the lighting scheme of the priming job.

This third horse will be dark grey. I will just go with some washes of a slightly dark blue over the priming. It is very difficult to distinguish, because its so light that it looks like I did nothing and I just left the prime base.

When I paint and define more the face of the horse, the colour starts to show a little bit.

A very similar colour is what I am going to use for the horse of the captain.

Tired of the horse colours, I decide to move on and go back once the rest is more advanced. I will move on to the golden parts of the horse barding and the rider.

For example, let's take one of the brown horses. In this pictures you can see what are those golden parts that I am talking about: borders of scale armours, bracers and shoulder pads.

In a next step I outline and use silver metal as final highlights.

I also use this step to paint the blue clothing on the riders. It's very interesting to see the pictures of before...

...and after.

Or in this one, these two pictures are from before...

...and these two, after.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The beautiful and sad story behind the highest ranked mini of all time in CMoN

Very emotional stories around miniature painting lately. A few days ago I told you about the engagement minis story, a beautiful one with a very happy ending. This story is also beautiful and very emotional, but with a very sad ending I'm afraid. :(

Yesterday, I ran into this post in Bell of Lost Souls. As you all know, this blog is one of the most important sites for wargaming news all around the world. They published an interview to Victor Hardy, a miniature painting legend. Old schoolers will remember him for sure. Newbies not so much, but if you log into CoolMiniOrNot, you will find that Victor is the painter of a very well known classic piece, Golgotha, the highest ranked miniature in the site of all time, which was witness to the story I want to tell you about.

The great Golgotha, in all its classic glory.

This story was told by Victor in the interview in BoLS. Here is the extract from that interview, in the part where was talking about his comeback and about Golden Demon UK 2004 (a whole decade ago):

    [...] This, however, is the best part of the story about the 2004 UK Golden Demon that was never told. The people I met were incredible, and among those it was meeting the French that made greatest impression on me. I had the pleasure of getting to spend the day with: Jeremy Bonamant (Bragon), Bruno Grelier, Allan C, Jacque Alexandre, and David Waeselynck. They had all piled in a van and drove form France—sleeping in the van the night before. These guys were crazy! They ranged from a teen ager to a man ns his late 40s—all crammed in the van. They were so enthusiastic and passionate about the hobby that they were on just another level. I spent the day talking to them about painting and looking at their work. It was awesome. I have so much respect for their work. Not since the Battle of Hastings did the French do so well on British soil. The French invasion swept the golden demons and Jacque Alexander took home the Slayer Sword.

    Now here is the amazing part. Bruno Grelier had entered into the same category as Golgotha. When he saw that Golgotha had been disqualified, he gave me his trophy and asked me to take it. He insisted that I should have his trophy because he felt I deserved it. Now think about this. I had never met Bruno Grelier before in my life. We didn’t even speak a common language. He gave one of the most precious things a Golden competitor can have (i.e., his trophy) to a complete stranger. Only someone that is totally passionate and crazy about the hobby could do such a thing. I have always wanted to repay this random act of kindness. I have wanted to win a slayer sword and send it back to him. Unfortunately, I haven’t won any in a long while. I have never spoken to Bruno since that day. I hope to make a comeback and when I do I am going to find Bruno Grelier wherever he is in the world and pay him back with a sword! One day.

So it happened that while I was reading this story, a tear rolled down my cheek. The great Bruno Grelier passed away last year, and Victor, at the time of the interview, didn't know about this.

Victor, may you still find Bruno one day. Wherever he may be now.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Second Best Blog and Second Best Painted Fantasy of 2013 according to WAMP!!!

Remember the Blog was nominated to the WAMP awards 2013?
Results are out and Volomir's Blog has been chosen by its readers as the second best blog of the year 2013! Repeating the incredible results of last year, again only beaten by the almighty Massive Voodoos with their huge crew of monkeys. And this is only me! AMAZING! I HAVE NO WORDS!

This is the final result of their polls:

  • Winner: Massive Voodoo
  • 2nd: Volomir's Blog
  • 3rd: Masterminis

Check out all the results of the WAMP Awards 2013, here.

Another great year in the spotlight, with tons of friends and great time. Endless motivation to continue working hard! I may be just one person for one blog but I can certainly do better!

Congratulations to my very very very good friends of both Massive Voodoo and Masterminis! Thank you all of you dear readers of this space, and to all of you who voted for it because you guys make the place possible with your unconditional support. I promise to keep up and use all of my strength to make the blog better for 2014!

But that's not all!!! The High Elf Dragonlord tied for the second position in Best Painted Fantasy!!! OH LORD (I mean... DRAGONLORD!).

  • Winner: Beauty and the Beast - Chris Panagiotou
  • Joint 2nd: High Elf Dragonlord - Volomir
  • Joint 2nd: Fallen Angel - Chris Panagiotou

This deserves some good old celebration!!


Painting course in Madrid: February 2 (in Spanish)

And yet another announcement for one of my courses in Madrid. Obviously, again, ignore it if Spanish is not your thing! :)

Este curso, del primer tipo de los que hago de un solo día, es un curso de temática fundamental y lo he llamado "Teoría y Técnicas a Pincel". Es el curso estrella por sentar los pilares básicos sobre los que se construirán el resto de habilidades. Una experiencia que cambia tu punto de vista sobre el mundo de la pintura de miniaturas.

¿En qué consiste?

El curso trata sobre temas fundamentales y básicos que son indispensables para adentrarse en el apasionante mundo del pintado de miniaturas. La estructura del temario es la siguiente:

    • Introducción teórica al pintado de miniaturas (teoría básica del color, propiedades, luz, ambiente e intencionalidad). (1,5 horas)
    • Técnicas de pintado de miniaturas a pincel. Práctica de pintura a capas de base, luces y sombras. (3 horas)
    • Degradados y limpieza. Práctica de transiciones y veladuras a pincel. (2 horas)
    • Contraste y definición. Práctica de perfilados y puntos de luz. (1,5 horas)

El temario de la parte teórica del principio es amplio y conviene estar atento a las explicaciones. Es conveniente leerse unos apuntes sobre la teoría que doy antes del curso para avanzar con más rapidez. La idea es practicar lo máximo posible, que es donde realmente se saca partido.

¿A quién va dirigido?

Si entras en alguna de estas categorías, o tienes alguno de estos problemas, este curso es sin duda de gran utilidad para ti:

    • Pintor principiante
    • Pintor de juego (tabletop, ejércitos, etc)
    • Nivel medio, pintor autodidacta
    • Desconocimiento o dudas sobre conceptos básicos del color
    • Falta de limpieza
    • Falta de contraste

Si no entras dentro de ninguna de estas categorías pero nunca has dado un curso conmigo, también sería recomendable ya que en otros cursos doy por sentado los conceptos que se dan en este.

Al salir de este curso, habrás abierto tu mente a un nuevo mundo de luz y color (nunca mejor dicho). El pincel ya no será un enemigo, sabrás cómo se afronta un pintado a capas, cuánto se diluye la pintura, qué es el contraste y por qué es tan importante. Sin embargo, el tiempo es limitado. Requiere practicar los conceptos aprendidos después del curso para poder asentar la técnica.

En cuanto a los temas logísticos:

    • El precio del curso son 60 euros.
    • Vamos a pintar todos la misma figura esta vez, el Kenjiro de Tale of War, que viene incluida en el precio del curso y que se entregará imprimada y preparada para pintar el mismo día para no perder ni un minuto con raspuras.
    • Es en mi casa así que tenemos total flexibilidad. Estaremos de 9 a 18 horas aproximadamente, si alguno tiene fuelle para rato podemos extender.
    • Solamente hay 8 plazas, ni una más, y de hecho en el momento de escribir este mensaje ya únicamente me quedan 3...
    • El curso es el 2 de febrero, ¡mira el calendario porque quedan dos semanas así que casi no hay tiempo de reacción!

¿Te interesa? ¡No lo dudes! Date prisa y mándame un correo, ¡que luego no hay plazas!

En otro orden de cosas, próximamente también se va a convocar el nuevo y flamante curso de "Técnica Mixta: Aerógrafo y Pincel", para primeros de marzo en la tienda madrileña de Goblintrader. ¡Es pronto todavía para avanzaros detalles pero estad atentos! Para no perderos esta u otras convocatorias de cursos... ¡HAY QUE APUNTARSE A LA LISTA DE CORREO! :) Si no estás en la lista te perderás muchas sorpresas que están por venir... ¡tú verás!

Monday, January 20, 2014

WIP: Ellyrian Reavers Part 2

Previously on... WIP: Ellyrian Reavers

So it's time to get some basic colour scheme on all the Reavers.

Following the same colour schemes as what I used in the rest of the army, I will be using turquoises, cold reds, whites and metallic silver and golds. In this case, I'm adding the red parts.

Now the brown parts, these will serve as the basecoat colour for the shiny gold metallic parts.

Of course, this step also works for the parts that will be in some king of brown, like the bow.

The colour scheme is quite simple as usual, and seems to work so far. Obviously, the scheme has been tested before in the other elves so making it work was trivial at this point! Just making sure that all the colours are not concentrated in just one area for compositional reasons.

I'm also darkening the grey of the horse in some parts and making it a bit dark blue.

With the basic colours in place, I will start detailing every part. I will follow a simple methodology which has proven very useful to me in the past. It prevents me from procrastinating, a big problem I have because I lose tons of time just looking at the miniature trying to decide what to tackle next. But not any more! What I will do is simply start from the bottom and complete areas moving on to the top. It's REALLY simple, I know, but it's also REALLY effective.

First off, the cloth hanging from the barding. It's really interesting to make it double sided, so the external part will be blue, and the internal will be red. Also, to deal with the flaws in sculpting due to the designs of these plastic miniatures, I will simulate that instead of one cloth, there are two, one on top of the other, just by using paint. I do it by outlining the edge of the material with two lines of lighter blue and red with a dark line in between them. Sculpting with paint! Magical!

Same with the other side. Check out the barding with just base colours of red and blue.

And the finished version with lights, shadows and outlines.

Cool, right?

Let's do it now on the rest of the riders, I think it is interesting to see the before and after pics in each case.

I think that is more than enough of these for now. :)

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