Thursday, January 16, 2014

Santa Klaus came to town!

As you all know, I was a very good boy last year. So Santa was very kind this Christmas and sent me some presents which I am very grateful for!

Instead of sending him a letter, he wrote to me himself! Look!

    Ho, Ho, Ho Rafa,
    My list says you've been a good boy this year and I know you wanted a Christmas present from me. A story I heard tells me that you became the Vomitir, who spread all his love over people... and on a... goat? Oh, no, wait, it was a coat, sorry for that.
    Well I heard that you are collecting a High Elves army, so what would be more fitting than your own personal Avatar?
    Underneath the Christmas Tree you will find Vo'Mithir, Spreader of Love. I hope you like him and he gets the place he deserves in your army.

To my surprise, there he was... Vo'Mithir, Spreader of Love!

Thank you so much Santa Klaus Dorn! This is very fitting, especially now that I get to "marry" people with miniatures! :)

But this wasn't the only great gift that arrived this Christmas! Look at this super cool card from someone you may all recognise in this cartoon:

It came with three absolutely incredible cookies which I couldn't resist eating before taking pics of them. Thank so much Santa Raffaele Picca!

I will have to be VERY GOOD this year to get at least as good presents next Christmas!


Unknown said...

Hahah... That Santa partied too hard in MSS :P

Krawatte said...

I'm happy you like him! So may he spread love on the battlefield!