Monday, January 20, 2014

WIP: Ellyrian Reavers Part 2

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So it's time to get some basic colour scheme on all the Reavers.

Following the same colour schemes as what I used in the rest of the army, I will be using turquoises, cold reds, whites and metallic silver and golds. In this case, I'm adding the red parts.

Now the brown parts, these will serve as the basecoat colour for the shiny gold metallic parts.

Of course, this step also works for the parts that will be in some king of brown, like the bow.

The colour scheme is quite simple as usual, and seems to work so far. Obviously, the scheme has been tested before in the other elves so making it work was trivial at this point! Just making sure that all the colours are not concentrated in just one area for compositional reasons.

I'm also darkening the grey of the horse in some parts and making it a bit dark blue.

With the basic colours in place, I will start detailing every part. I will follow a simple methodology which has proven very useful to me in the past. It prevents me from procrastinating, a big problem I have because I lose tons of time just looking at the miniature trying to decide what to tackle next. But not any more! What I will do is simply start from the bottom and complete areas moving on to the top. It's REALLY simple, I know, but it's also REALLY effective.

First off, the cloth hanging from the barding. It's really interesting to make it double sided, so the external part will be blue, and the internal will be red. Also, to deal with the flaws in sculpting due to the designs of these plastic miniatures, I will simulate that instead of one cloth, there are two, one on top of the other, just by using paint. I do it by outlining the edge of the material with two lines of lighter blue and red with a dark line in between them. Sculpting with paint! Magical!

Same with the other side. Check out the barding with just base colours of red and blue.

And the finished version with lights, shadows and outlines.

Cool, right?

Let's do it now on the rest of the riders, I think it is interesting to see the before and after pics in each case.

I think that is more than enough of these for now. :)

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Axel said...

So much masking tape!

Rafael García Marín said...

Masking tape? Where!

Segmentum Obscurus Studios said...

I always look forward to your posts on this blog, and even more so the WIP posts more than others.

Please keep them coming, they are informative and well thought out and a gold mine of information!

Rafael García Marín said...

Thank you Segmentum Obscurus Studios! I will certainly keep them coming! :)