Friday, January 10, 2014

Wamp Awars 2013: Nominated for Best Blog and Best Painted Fantasy!!!

I couldn't believe my eyes, really. Again!!!

Volomir's Blog nominated for Best Blog in the WAMP Awards 2013!

And this time even better because the High Elf Dragonlord was also nominated as Best Painted Fantasy!

WAMP Awards in 2013. Bigger, Harder, Better, Stronger!

You guys can look at all the WAMP Awards nominees here.

The Dragon is nominated in the category of Best Painted Fantasy 2013. Check out the other contestants because competition is fierce!!

He's cool! It's red, he's blue... It's High Elf! Vote for the Dragon! VOTE FOR VOLOMIR

On the other nomination, my blog is again one of the five finalists in the category of Best Blog in 2013. I have the honour of sharing this place with these amazing blogs and initiatives:

  • Massive Voodoo: Roman, Raffa and all the MV crew were last year winners. Can't think of a better winner myself! Will they repeat in 2013?
  • Coloured Dust: Amazing blog from Poland, awesome reviews and tutorials. Repeating nomination from 2012!
  • Masterminis: Under the Painting Buddha seal I think 2013 was their year. Nominated also in 2012, maybe they will get it this time?
  • Wappelious: The new contestant! James Wappel from the US, a very known and prolific painter with an awesome blog and huge amount of material!

Of course, taking a look at the AMAZING competition, I don't expect to win, I can't compete with them, but being again between the finalists is reward enough. Last year I managed to get the second place (Yeah MAN! Second! Just behind the almighty MassiveVoodoos!), but considering it's just me working for Volomir's Blog, saying that I am insanely happy would not be enough to describe the feeling.

This nomination is again a very kind recognition to my work, but in my opinion the real recognition is to all of you dear readers of this space, because you guys make the place possible with your unconditional support. I promised last year that I would make the blog better in 2013. I think I did! Five years of Volomir's Blog are now behind us! Let's make 2014 even better. :)

In the meantime, I am initiating my campaign... VOTE FOR VOLOMIR! :)

Look! Massive Voodoo leaders want me to win! Follow their advice and VOTE FOR VOLOMIR!

Even "big daddy" Kong Lappat wants me on top this time. VOTE FOR VOLOMIR!

Painting Buddha? Or should I say Drinking Bruddha? Masterminis is cool but Volomir's Blog is cooler. Mr. President wants you to VOTE FOR VOLOMIR!

Nasty business with the most recent Massive Voodoo members... they tried to bribe Volomir with bananas! Booo! That's not nice! VOTE FOR VOLOMIR!

Share and enjoy if you are going to VOTE FOR VOLOMIR!

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