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WIP: Ellyrian Reavers Part 3

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It's time to start putting some paint on those horses. Each of them is going to be different! For now I will just do some washes of the base colours of the horse skins. Since the priming job is already good for zenithal lighting, changing the colour but letting the black and white gradients underneath shine through will do the trick.

For example, this horse would be brown.

After those first washes, I insist with the colour to bring up the saturation. Also, the legs will be darker (nearly black) and I will do some work on the face. Basically outlining the eyes and the mouth. You can see how the mouth is also a bit darker.

This other horse will be ochre. First, with some washes.

Then again, insisting on the colour to make it more saturated, but always following the lighting scheme of the priming job.

This third horse will be dark grey. I will just go with some washes of a slightly dark blue over the priming. It is very difficult to distinguish, because its so light that it looks like I did nothing and I just left the prime base.

When I paint and define more the face of the horse, the colour starts to show a little bit.

A very similar colour is what I am going to use for the horse of the captain.

Tired of the horse colours, I decide to move on and go back once the rest is more advanced. I will move on to the golden parts of the horse barding and the rider.

For example, let's take one of the brown horses. In this pictures you can see what are those golden parts that I am talking about: borders of scale armours, bracers and shoulder pads.

In a next step I outline and use silver metal as final highlights.

I also use this step to paint the blue clothing on the riders. It's very interesting to see the pictures of before...

...and after.

Or in this one, these two pictures are from before...

...and these two, after.

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