Thursday, January 2, 2014

Retrospecter: The Do Not Miss of 2011

Today I introduce to you all a new section for a new year!

Welcome to Retrospecter! The section in which we dive back into the marvels of the past...


Let's go back into the past and check out the year 2011!

2011 was the first year of existance of our beloved monthly Do Not Miss section, and it was filled with awesome miniatures, paintjobs, sculptures, releases, new ideas... I wanted to share with you guys the best of the best that we could find in that great year. It was very difficult to choose the best stuff from the neverending list of Do Not Miss in 2011, but here it is.


Awesome stuff don't you think? What a great year that was!

Enjoyed Retrospecter? From now on, this section will rescue old articles of the blog from the catacombs of the forgotten past.

See you in the next Retrospecter!

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