Monday, January 13, 2014

Love for Infinity

Sometimes the world surprises me with beautiful stories, like this one.

I usually don't have a lot of time for commissions. But this one just had to be done. Here's the story:

'M' is a friend of my friend 'Mk'. M's boyfriend is a huge nerd and a big fan of Infinity miniatures. I met them both at a birthday party of Mk, exactly one year ago. I was really surprised to see that 'J', M's boyfriend, knew about my painting since I didn't know him at all. You don't normally meet people that know about you outside nerd circles. That was a huge surprise and a very nice encounter.

A few weeks ago, 'Mk' (my original friend) sent me a message.

  • Mk: "Hey Rafa! 'M' just asked me for your phone, she wants to commission something from you, something for her boyfriend 'J'".
  • I thought to myself... "does she know the actual cost of this kind of commissions? Normally only nerds understand... But ok, let's see!"

So I gave her my number, and then she texted me.

  • M: "I want you to paint some miniatures for my boyfriend. Something really, really especial."
  • Volomir: "Wow, you are THE GIRLFRIEND. I wish I had a girlfriend that did something like that for me. So what is it you want?"
  • M: "I want you to paint 3 Infinity miniatures, because 'J', my boyfriend, is a huge fan. I don't really know anything about miniatures, but he loves them."
  • Volomir: "3 miniatures? That's a lot!"
  • M: "Oh, you don't understand... it's a REALLY especial gift."
  • Volomir: "Ok, so what is it exactly?"
  • M: "Well... basically this is a gift with which I am going to PROPOSE to 'J'."
  • Volomir: "Ok. You are going to... WHAT!?"
  • M: "Yes."
  • Volomir: "With 3 Inf... WHAT!?"
  • M: "Yes. :)"
  • Volomir: -POKERFACE-
  • M: "I am going to take 'J' for dinner, and then, when the dessert comes, it will come with the three miniatures. 'J' will pick them, and each of the three miniatures will have a single word written on them: ¿QUIERES CASARTE CONMIGO? ("Will you marry me" in Spanish).
  • Volomir: "OH MY ***!!!!! (substitute the *** for a long set of words which are not suitable for the general public, but you can imagine). YOU ARE BY FAR THE BEST GIRLFRIEND A NERD GUY COULD EVER HAVE. If a girl did that to me I would have NO OPTION but to say YES instantly, regardless of anything else!!!!!!!!"

And so it began, the painting of the three minis of engagement.

One mini to surprise him...

One mini to charm him...

One mini to propose to him and for eternity bind him.

And this is what the minis reveal when cast into the fire (or if you look underneath them):


The greatest adventure of their lifetime was just about to begin. As planned, 'M' took 'J' to the restaurant, gave the minis to the cook, and spoke to the waiter to complete the plot. Later, dessert came, with the minis all around a nice cake. 'J' could not believe his eyes. "Those are Infinity minis I see! WTF?". 'M' was about to cry while 'J' picked up the first one. "Look at the base!!!" she said. 'J' started to understand when he revealed the first word. When he lifted the second miniature and read the next word, 'J' took 'M's hand, looked at her in the eyes and said: "YES".

Note from the author -> After that beautiful ending I thought: "I didn't need to paint that third one! XD"

There is so much passion here that even a fire extinguisher will not be enough...

'J' went back home and put the sacred three minis of engagement in his cabinet. "This is so ORIGINAL 'M', you are THE BEST GIRLFRIEND IN THE WORLD" he said to her.

Some time later, 'J' had his annual meeting with nerds from his Infinity fans club. After seeing the minis, one of the nerds said: "'J', I hope you said YES to your girlfriend, if not I will do it for you!". Another one said "now the bar is too high for the rest of our girlfriends".

All that is left to say is CONGRATULATIONS TO THE HAPPY COUPLE!!!


And of course show a few pics of the Three Minis of Engagement. A triad I have titled "Love for Infinity". ;)

To all of you, I wish:

May the love be with you. ALWAYS.


GoblinPirate said...

Really good adventure buddy!
You are one of my best painter, i always keep on eye at your works.
I'm a painter, i do commissions too, and i'm a nerd too, so this story has find the way to my heart,i did some teardrop so i need to be a man again :D.

I'm really glad to say, that my girlfriend is nearly the same awesome as M :).

Dark Tower said...

Wow, what a STORY! Adventure of the lifetime. Thanx for sharing!

utku yaman said...

I am definetely sending this post to my girlfriend =)
the story is far ahead of your painting skills this time ^^

canny said...

Epic story, Awesome ending, What a pleasure for some one to have painted such a special gift!

Anonymous said...

I imagine every small mistake while painting is magnified 1000x because of knowing what this is for :)

Goldmunds Welt said...

What a heart-warming story! Love it and - of course - the minis :)