Thursday, November 21, 2013

Monte San Savino 2013: The Rise and Fall of Vomitir

"What happens in Monte stays in Monte".

Stays in Monte... my ass!

Today is November 21st. A day that will forever be remembered as the day I made my way into the world. So yes, it's my birthday! And to celebrate, nothing better than posting the last article of my Monte San Savino series, which is also very personal. My most intimate gift to all my loving readers of the world.

Because this, my friends, is the real story behind Monte San Savino this weekend. The real story that nobody is willing to tell you because they are afraid of what could happen to them next year in Monte San Savino. A story of epic adventures, love and treachery, of good and evil, corruption, and death. Ok, no death (phew!) but presenting it like this makes it more appealing, right?

It's the story of how the legendary Volomir embraced the evil paths of the dark side... and became Vomitir, his nemesis (for a while at least).

It all began with the forging of the 9 pizzas of power...

I feel it in the water...

I feel it in the wine...

I feel it with Mati...


Idromele was close, and I could feel it

And the transformation had begun

Loving friends guided me to the other side

and made sure I completed the journey

Vomitir. RISE!

"Look John! Porchetta in the sky!"

"Vomitir, another gift for the journey!"

Misguided, stranded, lost. No hope for me

The Painting Buddha showed the next steps to the dark side

Some more lessons on dark powers

Vomitir with his new apprentice, Darth Masclans

Soon the apprentice would be the master

And spread his evil powers throughout Monte

With renewed fuel and energy the path continues

No one leaves without Vomitir!

The final battle had just begun...

Vomitir was no mere mortal. Good and evil fought but redemption was not possible. His powers transcended and he finally became one with the Force. Thus fell the dark Vomitir.

On Resurrection Day, the master of good "Obi Wan Lappat" had little to no sleep...

This entry is dedicated to Roman Lappat and Valérie Bruère, most dear of roomates and involuntary witnesses to the Rise and Fall of Vomitir. No coats were harmed in the process. Ok... maybe one.

And many thanks to the Painting Buddha! The adventure wouldn't have been the same without these photos!


hrld said...

oh thats funny,
what cool play of words.
i´am sure i know what happend.


Kraan said...

Happy Birthday man!

And, believe me, the Liquore Strega was the thing that turned you, not idromele! All hail idromele and its therapeutic effects!