Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Impressions on the painting course in Valencia this weekend

This weekend I was in Valencia to teach a couple of workshops of the painting course (in Spanish) called "Teoría y Técnicas a Pincel". They were two very intense days where I think a lot of people have benefitted enourmously from the time and effort invested, and they have learned many interesting things of my very heavy theory lecture of the beginning.

Saturday session

I want to thank all of the members of club Axtec and Avalon Catarroja for the exceptional care during the whole weekend, for the dinners, the drinks and the laughter. Thanks to Carol and David for their inmense hospitality and for opening me the doors of their home and for treating me so well. And to Sergio (a.k.a. "El Boticario") for the great visit to Valencia!

I think that we are going to see lots of improvement in the painting skills of these guys because, even with the weird faces of confusion during the theory (haha), I could read tons of motivation and illusion to learn in between the lines, and that is the most important thing of all. Remember that the key is to never give up to frustration, always keep on practicing and painting a lot. Being constant and tenacious will lead us wherever you wish, the limit is yours to set!

Sunday session

Some of the attendees have already written their impressions about the course and they are very positive. Here are some of them (in Spanish):

We are already preparing a second part of the course in Valencia which will take place in a short period of time. Keep on working and paint because you will need to have a miniature completely finished to your highest standard for the next session!

I want to use this post also to tell you that I have added a new section to the blog about my courses (in Spanish right now since all these courses in Spain are done in Spanish). It has been included in the Spanish version of the blog but I will also put it in the international part because I will translate it and offer it also for courses in English. So make sure you tune in to that section because there you will be able to be informed of everything concerning my painting courses, what types there are and what kind of painters they are aimed at.

Courses section in Volomir's Blog (currently in Spanish)

I am working hard in this section so for now you'll see it is work in progress (especially because it's in Spanish as of now), but I will complete it very soon. Remember that if you are interested in organizing any course, the best thing to do is send me an email because all the courses are organized on demand. What are you waiting for?


Toñete said...

Buena gente la de Valencia. Tus clases se aprovechan hasta la ultima gota!!!

The Hooded Man said...

Un placer volver a sentir esa frustración,que por momentos te dan ganas de lanzar los pinceles por la ventana,pero que gracias a tus consejos rápidamente se transforman en ganas de agarrarlos por el cuello y demostrarles quien es el que manda.Un placer Rafa.Para que si no un cuarto tan grande??

Unknown said...

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