Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Monte San Savino 2013: The Miniatures (Fantasy Masters)

Better to start off with some pictures of the miniatures, right? Basically that's what everyone that could not attend is waiting for with anxiety!

Well, I promise you I did my best! I only took photos of the Fantasy Master part because there were around 350 miniatures only in that section, and that may only be a quarter of the whole Monte San Savino Show! Just as a quick estimation, let's say I spent around 10 seconds to take each photo... this means I spent a whole hour to take all the photos, and they are shitty pics taken with the iphone! Actually, I started taking them on Saturday and had to continue the next day because they closed the exhibit and I hadn't finished the Fantasy Master section!

Anyway, I did my best, especially with the awful light we had, and here is the result. Normally I would post them on the blog directly as thumbnails, but they are a lot. So instead, this is the album where all the photos are displayed:

Monte San Savino Show 2013: Miniatures in the Fantasy Master section

But I won't leave you guys with just a huge album to look at! Here's a few pointers for you to dive into the album. I tell you, the entire album is worth checking, THE ENTIRE ALBUM, but I understand highlights are always useful. Here we go:

Marc Masclans minis. Awesome!

Luis Gómez Pradal's entries (this is just one of them)

Steve Party's party of miniatures (great pun right?)

Kirill Kanaev's supreme use of colour

Mirko Cavalloni's display, breathtaking

Cool Ork Pirates all around

Dieguete's Ork bust

Alice and Wonderland collapsing by Ben Komets and Ernst Veinghart

Steve Party's sculpting skills

Jeremy Bonamant's soon to be broken $10k worth piece

Cool stuff on the road from the Cursed Monkeys

Best of Show Brom by Joaquin Palacios and Fabrizio Russo

Matteo Murelli's view on Wonderland

Max Richiero's creative mind

Christian Hardy's amazing display

Cursed Monkeys all over

The Last Light of Roman Lappat

Raffaele Picca's Robot Repairs diorama, makes sound, blinks, takes photos, videos... if only it made coffee too!

Emuse's epic win in dioramas

Here's the list of all the awards: Official list of awards

But seriously... check out the whole album! And make sure you stay tuned to because there you will find tons of photos very soon. And much better than mine!


Peter Rodway said...

Thank you for taking the time to post these. Really appreciated.

I have a million (at least :) ) questions about the show. I'll send them in an email.

All the best


Unknown said...

Awesome report as always Volo :)

We just finished our report as well - it has pictures of all Masterclass minis & more: