Friday, November 29, 2013

Making 2014 event attendance more and more difficult

SERIOUSLY, WHY??!! For some reason, the gods have conspired against me (or maybe just contest organizers of the world) and two of the contests I wanted to go to are coinciding with other two contests that I also wanted to go to!

Just take a look at how the calendar looks for the first part of the year 2014 (extracted from the Events Calendar section):


    • 22-23 Lugdunum: Painting contest organized by the Lugdunum association in Lyon.


    • 15-16 Montreux: Montreux's miniature show, Salle Omnisports de Clarens, Montreux.


    • 3-6 Crystal Brush: The CoolMiniOrNot contest, the one with $10,000 for the winner in the Adepticon, Chicago.
    • 12 Salute 2014: The world famous wargaming and miniatures event in the ExCel, London.

  • MAY

    • 9-10 MFCA Show: Contest of the Miniature Figure Collectors of America (MFCA), Valley Forge Casino Resort, Pennsylvania.

  • JULY

See how the contests I marked in red coincide? Seriously, why?! These were contests I was absolutely fixed on attending. But not only that, Painting Crusade and Leganés also coincide with Las Fallas in Valencia, another event (completely unrelated to miniatures obviously) that I had my eyes on.

Oh come on! And what should I do now! :(

And then there are complaints about poor participation on many of these events. UGH.

Anyway, always remember to stay tuned to Volomir's Blog Events Calendar because there you will find the dates and places of all major miniature related events in the world. And if you see anything missing, make sure you let me know!


Tuffskull said...

I hope you will attend the duke as i wanted to interview you...we talked short about that at gamesday germany. Regards

Unknown said...

Maybe GW will put all of their events on one day :D