Thursday, November 7, 2013

Monte San Savino 2013 this weekend

And finally the curse is over... a curse that I have been suffering these past few years. Always happened that prevented me from going to the probably most loved event by the painter community. We are talking, obviously, about... Monte San Savino!

The arch-famous contest of the little village in the Tuscany is going to be celebrated this weekend. And I can't wait to see what they are preparing down there!

Interesting poster for the event. I think it shows what the general mood of the event is going to be.

We already know that the best painters in the world will gather around the place, in one of the last events of the year, that serves nearly as the big summary of the season. We will see most of the miniatures that have caused sensation this year and I'm sure that there will be insane amounts of beer to pour down our throats. To those who are coming, I wish to see you all there, and those who don't... well, we will tell you all about it when we return! ;)

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Elisa C said...

You got the ONE meaning of the poster (and contest too). 7years of marriage for the two and still, when the Highlander tries to torture his instrument, what the fairy con do is just be perplexed and hope he ends up his self-celebration soon.