Monday, May 14, 2012

If you want to give me a gift...

You know this blog is my own personal little space on the internet (the disclaimer on the side of the blog I wrote nearly 4 years ago still makes sense as the purpose of this place). So it recently ocurred to me that I could open a page which would serve as some sort of "Wishlist". A page where I would be posting all the miniatures and stuff I strongly desire or would like to acquire or paint at some point.

This will serve for two purposes, one is to be a personal reminder of what I love and want to have or paint, and two is to be the perfect guide to all of you out there (friends, family, you reading, people who love me in general XD) to know what to get me in case you find yourself in the situation where you have to make me a gift (birthday, Christmas, love-you gift...) and you don't have the slightest idea of what to get me.

Well lucky you! Now you know what I desire the most! Don't forget to check it regularly, I will be updating it often with my deepest desires! Right now I'll open the page with just Boromir (my deepest desire right now, for many many reasons), but I will be filling in all the things I'd love to have and paint.

Volomir's Wishlist

Come on and don't be shy! You know you won't dissapoint me by getting me any of the items on the list! It's a win-win! :D

By the way, you may have noticed lack of painting activity lately. I am actually undergoing good GD Spain preparation, so there has to be a lot of secrecy around my activities (part of the fun of preparing a GD entry!). I hope to share photos with you very soon. Also, I am planning on continuing the paint on the Artscale Imperial Fist which I will enter to GD too if I manage to finish on time. So hopefully I'll continue the process article! Stay tuned!


Bc said...

So is this where 10 people buy you the same model for your birthday?

Rafael García Marín said...

Well my birthday is in November, hopefully I'll have more things posted up by then... I'm just in love with Boromir right now!! XD