Monday, April 30, 2012

Do Not Miss: April 2012

This is the most interesting stuff I've seen in the internet on April 2012:

  • Knightmodels new releases: Another amazing batch of new miniatures from Knightmodels. This time, opening the new line from DC with the Joker, an Ewok in 75mm and another droid for 30mm.

  • The Joker, by Alfonso Gozalo:The sculpture of the Joker is absolutely astonishing. Check it out, it's just exactly like Heath Ledger! The painting by Alfonso Giraldes (Banshee) is really amazing too.

  • Tachanka, by Jorge Jaldón: A new piece by Jorge Jaldón, once again, an impressive way of understanding modelling. I'm beginning to love more and more pieces like this one, filled with dynamism and movement. By the way, check out Rafita Coll's blog because with the coming of the Spring he has decided to change its look.

  • Sherlock Holmes, Scale75: The company has just started a new line based on book characters. This is the first miniature of the series, Sherlock Holmes, beautifully modelled by AÁngel Terol and painted by Roberto Ramírez. A luxury kit with great attention to detail, no doubt.

  • Secret Studio Miniatures: Juan Navarro, very famous for his works in Infinity and other miniature companies internationally, is starting his own personal line. This project is called Secret Studio Miniatures and here you will find his first set of proposals. I specially like the concept behind the Mermaid Hunter, quite a twist!

  • Nocturna Models/Historic Art new releases: This new batch of amazing figurines have two absolute marvels. Check them out in Rafa Coll's blog! Alice and Merlin are absolutely wonderful. Modelled by Alfonso Gozalo and Pedro Fernández, painted by Jesús Marín. Delicious!

  • More Knighmodels new releases: At last, Knightmodels releases the first miniatures of their two new licenses, Lord of the Rings and DC comics. To start off, the amazing 75mm of Boromir, Gandalf and also Superman and Batman in 35mm. Another absolutely wonderful batch of miniatures. This time though, I'm absolutely in love with Boromir. Oh my god.

  • Gandalf, the green by Alfonso Gozalo: Check out the photos of the sculpture of Gandalf. The face is just amazing. It looks just exactly Ian McKellen!

  • How to display miniatures for real artists: This is an article by Matt Cexwish in Massive Voodoo on his thoughts about displaying miniatures professionally for real artists. Very interesting and inspirating!

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