Monday, April 23, 2012

Crystal Brush 2012 Winners

Adepticon and Crystal Brush were celebrated this weekend in Chicago:

And we are proud to congratulate this year's winners:

Sebastian Archer, 3rd place:

Diego Esteban, 2nd place:

Jose Manuel Palomares (painting) and Hugo Gómez (sculpting), overall winners:

All of them good friends, with Jose, Hugo and Diego representing Spain! Congratulations to all!! Amazing pieces and very well deserved prizes. I'm very very happy for them all!

1 comment:

Muskie said...

I wish they used different gallery software. Their thumbnails are too small, they should have used closeups, it is easier to see the winning models on your blog than on the official website...

Oh well congrats to everyone who entered, hopefully they'll have a better gallery setup if they do it next year...