Monday, April 16, 2012

AMT Torrent 2012 results

So as you all may know by now, the traditional and probably most important Open event in Spain, AMT Torrent, was celebrated this past weekend.

There is not a lot of information still about it, just a few things we've heard on the internet. Apparently the quality of the entries in the contest has been superb, as usual, but there hasn't been as much participation as other years.

In the Fantasy section, always the most related topic to that of this blog, I have the pleasure to congratulate our friends of the south for winning this year's Fantasy Best of Show with "The Getaway", a piece I'm sure you must all have seen already:

Congrats to our friends Javier González (Arsies) and Antonio Fernández (Piquifl) for this award!

Torrent is also an excellent place for brands to present their future releases. This year, Pedro Fernández has presented his personal line of miniatures in this new adventure he called "Origen Art". The first minis from this new company are still not available, there were only a few limited edition copies for some fortunate few who could attend Torrent, but soon they will open their store online. Here you can get a few images from this new range:

Origen Art in Arsies Blog
Origen Art blog

We expect to see more photos soon!

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Unknown said...

For us non spanish speaking foreigners, it is really hard to get information about the AMT Torrent, so thanks for posting this.

I really wished the AMT site had at least RSS subscription so one could at least try to keep up to date. (Maybe it has it somewhere, i fail to find it)...

As far as the contest is concerned - seems to have been awesome :) Congrats to Arsies and Piquifl!