Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Golden Demon Japan announced!


Great news! I just read in Chest of Colors that Games Workshop has announced Golden Demon Japan!!!

I am very excited to see what this event could bring us. I don't know much about Japanese painting community, could this be the beginning of another great event? Who knows...

What about attending? I've never been to Japan and I would love to go!

It will take place on August 18, Saturday (I just updated the events calendar). Check out information on GW official page:

Try this link without Google Translate at your own risk...



Muskie said...

I've lived and painted miniatures in Japan. They have a strong model building culture there around Gundam and other stuff. GW has long tried to sell games there and translated their packaging. For a while they were supposedly an edition behind due to translation difficulties, but when I lived there the people who played in English were mostly US Army or ex-Pats in the suburbs of Tokyo.

Games were played in English due to the current rules being in English only I believe.

Japanese houses are small so room for big gaming tables isn't so practical and I wonder how well GW does sales-wise does in the Land of Nintendo. Major bookstore chains carry board games, roleplaying games, and even GW games. But dedicated gaming stores, with tables to play at and full lines of miniatures and paints were rare 8 years ago or more, let alone GW retail stores...

I wouldn't be surprised that there are some good painters, and possibly some other countries in the region will send artists. My Japanese is really rusty and I don't even know who to ask about this, haven't been to Tokyo in years.

Unknown said...

Massaka, shinjirarenai!

I am back in Germany for 5 days now, after living in Japan for 2 years... and NOW they start the Golden Demons :-)

Talk about timing!

Well, to all my Japanese friends and the Emperor I have this message: Omedetou gozaimasu :D

Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.