Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Announcing VI Encuentro de Miniaturismo San Lorenzo de El Escorial

While we are waiting on more news about changes in the rules to Golden Demon Spain 2012, I have the pleasure to announce another edition of the miniature contest in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, in Madrid. (VI Encuentro de Miniaturismo San Lorenzo de El Escorial). It will take place on this beautiful town on June 2-3.

It's become nearly a tradition in my calendar, as I was invited again (this is the fourth year in a row) to be part of the jury, with my friend Elías Alonso. We will presumably be in charge of deciding winners in the Fantasy section, which is again a very great honour for us. This contest is very cool, we see lots of great pieces every year, and the location is simply outstanding. We encourage you all to visit! You won't be disappointed for sure!

I've just updated the dates of the contest in my Events section. In the meantime, remember that this weekend the famous Torrent contest will take place. I'm afraid I won't be attending this year (again...) but I'm sure we will have tons of photos to indulge us with, and I promise I will do my best to give the contest the coverage it deserves. Good luck to all of you attending Torrent! You lucky bastards will have the opportunity to see lots of news from great miniature companies, and the long awaited new project from Pedro Fernández on its own!


Unknown said...

Hey Volomir,
Thanks for posting abot this interresting event. I tried to search for a website of the event, but my Spanish is kinda non-existant, so I could not find it.
Could you point us into the right direction please ;)

Rafael García Marín said...

I don't know if there is a webpage about it... let me investigate on the subject and I'll get back to you! :)