Thursday, April 12, 2012

Confirmed: Changes to the rules GD Spain 2012

Yes, let's say goodbye to Large Scale and Bust category. GW has just published the rules for this year's GD Spain.

Bases del concurso Golden Demon España 2012 (in spanish)

So it seems GW has finally decided to unify every Golden Demon and there will be the same rules everywhere. Certainly good decision in terms of consistency for all. But I'm very sad for Large Scale, especially because I has something prepared for it this year (which I will be showing in the blog soon, no reason to keep it hidden anymore!).

What do you guys think about this?


Unknown said...

seems it's happening to italian gd as well...
the loss of big scale category may be considered a trouble but in my opinion an open clear and standardized rules for every international edition of the gd should be a welcome change expecially in consideration of all doubts a foreigner painter could meet by attending a different gd.

Avicenna said...

A consistent rule set can only be a good thing - I just think its a real shame that they have removed large scale as a category. Soooo many good entries there which will now have to be entered into the open comp :(

Unknown said...

I really appreciate the decision for unified rules for all GD contests.

Since Large Scale is the only category in which I was able to win a demon so far, I am particularly sad. But since GW does not produce Inquisitor scale anymore, I can understand the decision from a business perspective. So we will see the big stuff in Open this year.

Overall, I think its an understandable decision.

Anonymous said...

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