Friday, February 22, 2013

Golden Demons 2013: current status of rumours (I)

Quick update on how the European Games Days/Golden Demons RUMOURS are flowing currently.

    • GD Spain: CANCELLED. All sources asked in GW Spain point to cancellation, nothing confirmed officially but it doesn't look any good. Armis on Parade has been oficially announced to be held online, so that is not any good sign either.
    • GD France: CANCELLED. Our French friends tell us that the GD there is also certain to not be held this year 2013.
    • GD Germany: POSSIBLE. Looking good though, according to Zaphod in, "it is almost certain that the Games Day this year will NOT be held at the Gürzenich in Cologne, there are some strong signs that there WILL BE a Games Day / Golden Demon event at another venue. It could be in Dortmund or Bochum (both about an hour from Cologne)."
    • GD Italy: UNCERTAIN. No news from the Italian front, though all our Italian friends seem to believe strongly that GW has no grounds to cancel the event there, as last year all tickets were sold and participation was massive in GD, with really high level of entries.
    • GD UK: POSSIBLE. No news either, but NO ONE believes GW is going to cancel their flagship event after about 25 years of tradition. It would seem very dumb in my opinion, but who knows...

So even though Spain and France look dead, there might be hope for us GD lovers. We'll be also waiting for GW's official response to the letter Mr. Zaphod has sent them in behalf of all the community:

    Dear Sirs,
    Recently, there have been a lot of rumors surrounding international Games Day / Golden Demons events.
    Rumor has it that the Games Day Spain and France have been cancelled. The status of Germany and Italy are currently said to be uncertain.
    We also 'heard' that the US, UK, Japan and Australia Games Days are still scheduled to be held in 2013.
    We were wondering if you could confirm the 2013 Games Day event schedule with dates and locations, as many of our blog's readers would like to visit one or more events this year. Our blog at has around 40,000 visitors a month and we would appreciate a reply.
    Thank you in advance for your much anticipated response.
    Best regards and happy painting,
    Michael Bartels"

Don't forget to check for updates! I will be talking about everything GD related here too, even though I'm not a fan of rumours, these are pretty big and affect us very much so I have no alternative!

See you all in Brussels this weekend!

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