Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Golden Demon: Slayerswords of 2011

With this last Golden Demon in Italy, the GD season of 2011 has come to an end. It has been a very good year regarding level and number of participants in practically every country. I would like to do a little summary of the Slayerswords we have seen this year, let's see:

Remy Tremblay's skaven diorama, sword in France.

Rubén Martínez's duel, sword in Spain.

Vincent Hudon's motorbiker, sword in USA.

Matt Cexwish's diorama, sword in Germany.

Kyle Morgan's ork, sword in Australia.

Angelo Di Chello's sorcerer, sword in UK.

Matteo Murelli's Nurgle paladin, sword in Italy.

Not bad at all! Which one is your favourite? And your least favourite? Do you think next year will be similar regarding quality? Is the level of the swords somehow representative of the level of the painting community of each country? Can we see any sort of national painting style just by looking at the swords?



Corvus said...

Thank you for this overview. France is my favorite, it's very impressive!

KyleM said...

Matt's is my fave, because of the pure imagination and so many crazy ideas in one diorama. Remy's is awesome also, just for the pure amount of effort involved in doing project like that. And from personal taste, I find the Uk Necromancer and the Orks from Australia and the US. They less exciting. Of course there is stll alot of effort involved in the entries, but less Wow! factor then the more impressive dioramas and large monster entries.

Mr. Mahon said...

France and Germany. Definitely and it was quite an easy choice for me.