Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Games Day & Golden Demon UK 2013 Confirmed?

There seems to be some good news at last.

This post on GW Oxford Street London Facebook page seems to confirm there will be a UK GD this year:

    Greetings People of London,
    Have you been having trouble painting faces or skin in general? I, Sargent Greavus will be running tutorials all day to get your little dudes looking awesome. Also Andrea is here to help out with any non metallic metal problems you may be having.
    With Games day a mere 6 months away we are on hand to have a chat about your GOLDEN DAEMON and ARMIES ON PARADE projects!
    So get down here today and lets get the ball rolling.
    "Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!"

Other sources confirm that the official date will be September 29, already delivered to GW Stores Staff and that they will announce it soon in the next WD.

Will we have news soon about Germany and Italy? With France officially cancelled and Spain presumed dead, UK might be the only hope for GD lovers this year...

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-Matt Cexwish- said...

Well, too bad it is the GD with the least appreciation for the Painting Community! No Foreign Guests ("Why, if we have the Best Painters in the World in the Eavy Metal Team?"... Yeah, sure... Thanks for nothing...), Most expensive Tickets and Trip (30 POUNDS to get in, around 150 EURO for the Flight, 100 EURO for the Hotel + 100 for the Jacked Potatos...)... Uhm no thanks... Bring back the other European GD´s now! Thanks...