Monday, November 10, 2008

The Best Figure Ever

Finally it is going to be released! I've been waiting for these for a long long time now... it's the greatest thing made ever, the Dark Elf on Cold One by Freeman!!!!!!!!!

It's name is Varathar, the Dark Guardian. For me, the best miniature ever made, and of course, the best figure from Freeman, he has really set the record with this one. Congratulations master!!!

It's going to be on the market by Andrea Miniatures, this one's not a must... it's THE MUST!! I have never seen anything so big, so great, so strong, so beautiful... and even commercial!!! I can't die without painting one...

Meanwhile, we can stare at the superb one painted by JMPN (Jose Manuel Palomares) which I very proudly have to say won the Best of Show at Soldat de Plom in Girona this year 2008. It's one hell of a figure and the BoS is a great reward for Jose who has been deserving one for a long time now. Let's hope this is not the only one for Jose, please keep up the great work, master of masters!

Also, congratulations to my friends Dieguette and Lotina for their awards there as well. This JMPN team is going to do great things...

link to Freeman's photo of the figure at coolminiornot: (Best mark ever on the site so far!!!)

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