Monday, July 27, 2009

Preparing Golden Demon Germany 2009

In less than a month we'll be attending this year's Golden Demon in Germany (in Köln, to be more concrete). We have great expectations towards this trip, as we usually have, but the fun we had last year sets the bar very high for this one. It was so great that this time we are more than 20 spanish friends coming, expecting at least the same amount of amusement!

Regarding the pictorical side of the trip, I would like to participate with 3 entries this time. Yes, we know this is nearly impossible considering my history, but I promise I'll do my best to achieve my goal! At least one of the entries is finished now, my soon-to-become Éowyn the traveller (she's been to two Golden Demons already, France and Spain), let us hope that she gets the award she deserves ;) The second entry is a high elf hero mounted on a white lion, converted from various kits from the High Elves range. I think this will be a great figure but it is still in early development, i haven't finished converting yet so expect great amount of work to be done these days... The third entry, and not the least important, will be an Artemis from the Inquisitor range, slightly converted, and hopefully painted in the same colours as my lemon-marine which achieved Gold in Single 40k in Germany last year. I have some sort of future project regarding space marines in 54 mm scale, and this first space marine will be an experiment to see if my ideas are viable or not. But as usual, conversion is not finished yet so same as the elf, heavy work to be done yet!

As you can see there is not much time left (Golden Demon is the 16 of August) and I have not advanced very much with my painting, but we will do our best to reach deadlines...

I nearly forgot to mention this: I will be giving a painting demonstration on the event, invited by my friends Ben Komets and Matt Cexwish, so we can meet there if you want to!

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