Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tribute to the Fallen, finally dethroned!

Two months has "Tribute to the Fallen" been wearing the crown of best miniature of 2010 in coolminiornot. It has been finally beaten by "Anakin vs Obi Wan", the box art for Knightmodels painted by my friend and master Alfonso Giraldes (there was a post about it in the blog not so long ago). It's sad that the lion has finally fallen but its an honour that the figure which has done it is this one, the best paint job I have seen lately, and of course, the fact that its from Alfonso makes me somehow proud.

I'm preparing something big to regain the lost throne! It's a big project which requires all of my time, and as I said, the blog is going to suffer a lack of photo updates of works which will go on until probably summer. However, I'm thinking of writing an article on how I do banner designs (for flags, standards and such) in photoshop. I might take photos of the one I am preparing for this big piece and post it here. You will be able to find clues of what I'm preparing if you are loyal to the blog!

By the way, you might have noticed I have put a title banner on top of the page. The blog looks much better now, doesn't it?


noeste said...

Nice banner!

Really looking forward to that post about banners and flags, and your big project sounds really interesting.

Always loved the duel between Skywalker and Kenobi, great model! So worthy to take the throne, no doubt about that. Congratulations on having kept it for so long, though!

cheelfy said...

I'me really looking forward to seeing your post about banners and flags and your ongoing projects which, I'm sure, will be at leats as good as Tribute to the Fallen.
The Skywalker/Kenobi duel is simply amazing and it's the only mini that of this year that could have beaten you. But having kept the crown for two months is simply amazing!
By the way I like the banner at the top of the website.