Friday, August 20, 2010

GD Spain 2010: Remarkable figures 2

Second round of remarkable figures from GD Spain 2010.

These are from this year's toughest category of all in my opinion: Diorama.

Emuse's skull bus, a great piece which was disqualified due to commercial reasons. For me, the best figure in the contest.

Elroi's Skaven Bell which got gold.

Paloji's Blood Bowl diorama, bronze.

A very nice diorama from Basilisk, didn't got prize in a very difficult category.

Still missing photos from my diorama, of course. There are some pics out there, but very bad ones. Wait for some good quality ones from me.

Now, some more figures from the contest:

Old school's tyranid from Luis Gómez Pradal, gold in Monster 40k.

Nurgle's Ogryn from Rubén Pérez Alonso, silver in Monster 40k.

Space Wolves gold in Squad 40k, by Arsies.

And this one is the Imperial Fist Explorer from my great friend Elías Alonso, silver in Single 40k. Completely from scracth.

I think we've had enough about GD Spain 2010. I expect to upload some good photos of my diorama soon, and also of Éowyn and the Eldar Bonesinger I am modelling for a UK gaming club.


sonsoftaurus said...

Wow, those are indeed some great pieces; thanks for sharing!

The grot bus isn't just a great display of painting, it's social commentary!

Muskie said...

Nice minis... One problem a lot of the dioramas had already been seen on CMoN or elsewhere...

Rafael García Marín said...

The dioramas were totally new, never seen before... you might not have noticed that the GD Spain 2010 took place on July 4!! Of course they have been seen by now on CMoN or elsewere, but the day of the contest they were totally new!