Monday, January 31, 2011

Do Not Miss: January 2011

The first links of the new decade, this is what you shouldn't have missed this January:

  • George the Rich from Simon Modrow: Simon has been working on this piece for quite a while. Completely from scratch, check out the final pics.

  • BOELG by Rusto: Nice paintjob by Fabrizio of this beast sculpted by Remy Tremblay. I was waiting to see some painted versions of it.

  • 1888 by Rusto: Fabrizio again. I love the steampunk style, and this one rocks! I love the clock on the wall.

  • Squig Race by Rusto: And another one from Fabrizio again. This one's a bit old, I saw it at GD Italy 2009!

  • The Ancient Centigor by Franciuus: This one's from Franceso Farabi. He returns with this heavily transformed centigor painted in the classis italian freehand style. I really love this one!

  • Clockwork Orange by Mortimer: Alfonso Gozalo (famous for his Knightmodels sculptures) has modelled this 1/6 scale miniature of Stanley Kubrick's Clockwork Orange main character. Check it out!

  • Kraye by Mrika: I love the textures on this horse. See the closer pic on the head of the horse? Seems alive! Amazing work.

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