Monday, February 28, 2011

Do Not Miss: February 2011

What you shouldn't have missed in February 2011!

  • Masques by Rusto: A miniature from last year, I've already posted it on the blog, but its now been posted by its creator with good photos and all. I have no words to describe this one!

  • Waffen SS MG42 Gunner by Arsies: Really nice bust con commission from Arsies, from Young Miniatures.

  • Sedition Wars sculpts by Remy Tremblay: You should know by now that I'm a big fan of Remy's sculptures. Check out the new works he's been doing for Sedition Wars. Love the girl wearing goggles!

  • Scalywaggin by GMMStudios: This one's from Adepticon 2010, but I haven't seen this until now. Oh my god... maybe the most beatiful army I have ever seen. Amazing and more than inspiring work!

  • Dark Vlad by Pedro Fernández: A beautiful process on the sculpture of this Enigma miniature done by Pedro Fernández. Amazing. Check it out on Rafa Coll's Blog.

  • Plaguernaught by Ben Komets: Our friend Ben posted pictures of this great conversion which won Gold last German GD (2010). It's not new stuff but its worth checking! Nice green nurgle colours.

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